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F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 1 3 AN N UA L R E P O R T

THE NHPF MISSION The NHP Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making investments that preserve and create affordable multifamily housing for low- to moderate-income families and seniors while providing a comprehensive array of programs and services to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

THE OPERATION PATHWAYS VISION Operation Pathways provides opportunities through dynamic programming that reduce everyday challenges people face, enhancing the lives of the residents of NHPF properties.

Focusing on Better Life Experiences for Our Residents

IT IS OUR HONOR AND PRIVILEGE to share this 2013 annual report on Operation Pathways, the NHPF resident services program. As you read it, please pay particular attention to the letter that follows from Kenneth White, NHPF’s Vice President, Resident Services. As you will learn, Ken is proudly introducing one of Operation Pathways’ newest initiatives which is focused on our teen residents. All teenagers, but especially those from low- and moderate-income families, face challenges and need guidance to set them on the right path towards becoming productive adults. The new Teen Internship Program does just that and we look forward to its growth in the coming years. It’s a great addition to the Operation Pathways’ programs. Through the broad breadth of its programs and services, Operation Pathways is the heart and soul of NHPF communities. By complementing and enhancing the positive support residents receive in their homes and schools, Operation Pathways ensures that residents of all ages have the opportunities to learn, thrive and excel throughout their lives. NHPF could not fulfill its mission without Operation Pathways. We salute the Operation Pathways staff members in all the NHPF housing communities for the exceptionally positive impacts they have in residents’ lives. They are truly helping to create better life experiences for those who call our communities home.


Ralph F. Boyd

Richard F. Burns

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Chief Executive Officer


Lasting Memories and Accomplishments

THIS 2013 ANNUAL REPORT is a wonderful reflection on all our Operation Pathways program, and I am particularly proud to introduce one very close to my heart—the Teen Internship Program. I can remember like it was yesterday the thrill of landing my first “real job” when I was a junior in high school. As a furniture stock boy in my hometown’s local department store, I loved earning and managing my own money. Having this job meant that I could add to my music collection and rent my own tuxedo for the junior prom. I could start saving to buy a car, and even to help finance my own college education. Yes, this was an important time for me. With it came rights, responsibilities, and an increased sense of independence and accountability that would forever change my life. Also hoping to change young lives, Operation Pathways has launched a new program to guide our teen residents into their first jobs. Sixteen teens were hired as interns at nine NHPF properties. They were guided through the application process and developed specific job skills. They also learned valuable lifelong skills including time management, professional communication with colleagues and supervisors, working independently and in a team, problem solving, and choosing appropriate workplace attire. The interns kept journals about their work experiences, sharing their writing with their internship coordinator. These sessions provided one-on-one time to talk about taking initiative, having a positive attitude and demeanor, and other key factors leading towards a successful working experience.

The Teen Internship Progam helps young people realize their dreams for the future.


With new paychecks in hand, the interns were also taught to value the money they earned and to spend it wisely. They learned how to create and stick to a personal budget. They opened savings accounts, establishing their first relationships with financial institutions. They were introduced to the challenges of establishing credit and purchasing assets. Finally, the teens spent time researching and exploring career paths, identifying the education and skill development necessary to achieve their career goals. At the end of the internship, the teens each gave a digital presentation in front of their co-workers, families and friends. I attended many of these presentations and couldn’t have been more proud of the interns and the Resident Services Coordinators who successfully fostered this new program. Our goal in creating this internship program was to help young people realize their dreams for their futures by giving them the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in the world of work. It is with great appreciation for all of our partners and friends—those who make possible the Teen Internship Program and all the Operation Pathways programs and services—that we share this report.

In gratitude,

Kenneth D. White Vice President, Resident Services


Implementing New and Improved Programs

IN 2013, NHPF’S OPERATION PATHWAYS resident services division grew our programs, increased our participation, and impacted more than 3,500 residents, all for the purpose of creating more fulfilling choices for our residents. As a programmatic goal for 2013, NHPF’s resident services division sought to increase our efficacy in programs and services at our five properties in the Dallas Metroplex. By increasing personnel and changing organizational structure, NHPF has increased the depth and breadth of programs and services at these sites. Since January 1, 2013 to the present, we have improved residents’ program participation by 78%, making Operation Pathways the program of choice for those in the Dallas area. Four out of five properties have afterschool programs following our own Virtual Vacation and Exploration Station curriculum and small group learning activity. In addition, we had five interns successfully finish the summer internship program at these Texas sites. Also in Dallas this year, we: • Renovated three community centers, now vibrant hubs of activity • Raised over $12,000 of in-kind donations • Acquired more than 60 hours of volunteer services Pathway to Smart Living and Livelihoods Lifelong learning is essential to financial well-being and security. Residents received assistance in preparing their tax returns and continued their education by enrolling in programs such as financial literacy, fraud prevention, résumé preparation assistance, and the new Summer Internship Program. Pathway to Work Summer Internship Program Operation Pathways developed and implemented a new program to reach out to high school age students at our properties. The program employed 16 teens at nine NHPF sites and was a phenomenal success. Interns worked 20 hours per week at the properties and an additional four hours per week were spent with on-site resident services staff, learning about financial management and career exploration. As a requirement of the program, all interns set up direct deposits of their paychecks into checking or savings accounts with banks of their choice. Fourteen of our interns opened their first bank accounts. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments.


Pathway to Health and Wellness With positive benefits for residents of all ages, Operation Pathways offered a multi-faceted program in 2013 devoted to enhancing healthy lifestyles through eight different exercise programs, The President’s Fitness Challenge, playground enhancements, nutrition classes, and mobile wellness and screening centers. Brighten-Up Afterschool Program This program flourished in 2013. Through pre-and post-testing we were able to confirm improved math and reading performance skills. These astonishing results for hundreds of children are thanks to the Brighten-Up Afterschool Programs and its Four Pillars of Success: • H ome-School Connection—serving as a liaison for effective parent- teacher communications • H omework Habits—offering much needed after-school homework assistance before working parents return home • V irtual Vacation—increasing cultural awareness and sensitivity while developing basic academic skills • E xploration Station—providing small group and one-on-one academic tutoring Brighten-Up Summer Camp Program This program has proved to be invaluable in preventing summer learning loss, a greater challenge for low-income children than for higher-income students. In 2013, we are proud to report the vast majority of Operation Pathways’ summer campers experienced no signs of summer learning loss in math or reading.

Operation Pathways’ dynamic programming enhances the lives of residents at NHPF properties.


Introducing Award-Winning Leaders

THE PRIMARY INGREDIENT in excellent programs and services is devoted and highly competent on-site staff. They are the ones who make Operation Pathways possible. In 2013, many of our resident services coordinators (RSCs) were recognized for their achievements because they are professionally and personally invested in offering life-changing opportunities and choices. PATRICIA CHEWNING Patricia Chewning—the RSC at Foxwood Manor Apartments in Levittown, Pennsylvania—was presented a Salute to Women Who Make a Difference award. Ms. Chewning was nominated by the Bucks County Opportunity Council for her leadership in the Bucks Back program, which helps low-income families and individuals prepare their tax returns. Through Patti’s leadership, residents of Foxwood Manor and the neighboring community were refunded more than $400,000 in 2013 on their tax returns. CHRISTOPHER BENTIVEGNA Resident Services Director of Programs Christopher Bentivegna was sought out to present at the second annual How Kids Learn conference in San Francisco, California. He presented the Virtual Vacation curriculum developed by NHPF, of which he was the chief scribe and contributor. The curriculum, focusing on learning during out-of-school time, is a layered approach to teaching math, reading, social studies, and the fine arts within the context of thematic units based on places or time-periods to which children virtually travel. KEVIN LEWIS At the outset of the 2013–14 school year, our two sites in Baton Rouge (Magnolia Trace and Copper Ridge) began a partnership with Louisiana State University (LSU) providing their students with opportunities to tutor and mentor ours. Kevin Lewis, NHPF’s RSC at the two sites, shared with LSU students the effects of poverty and how NHPF’s strategy in affordable housing and resident services seeks to decrease the burden on families while increasing opportunities for financial stability. Through Kevin’s efforts, LSU English professor Dr. Christy Foreman engaged 88 students to provide over 250 hours of tutoring and mentoring to children in our two Baton Rouge afterschool programs. In recognition of his efforts, Kevin was presented with an award as an outstanding service learning partner for LSU.


Exhibiting Measurable Results

 of participating children in Operation Pathways’ summer camps showed no signs of summer learning loss in math


of participating children in Operation Pathways’ summer camps showed no signs of summer learning loss in reading


o f children enrolled in Operation Pathways’ Afterschool Program improved their reading performance by 1.5 grade levels, after initially testing below their grade level


of children enrolled in Operation Pathways’ Afterschool Program improved their MATH performance by 1.5 grade levels, after initially testing below their grade level


o f children in the program who initially tested at or above grade level improved their reading skills by at least another grade level


of children in the program who initially tested at or above grade level improved their MATH skills by at least another grade level


of children recently tested were above the 50th national percentile, using the President’s Challenge fitness test as a measure—this is a 97% improvement over pre-testing conducted at the start of the school year


o f teen interns in the Pathway to Work Summer Internship Program opened their first bank accounts


o f those enrolled in the teen internship program saved more than 10% of their earnings


of residents who relocated to other properties were non-participants in Operation Pathways’ programs



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