NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

For over three decades, NHPF has proved a trusted steward of housing that families and seniors can afford and funding that financial partners provide.

Our Experience

OVER TIME, NHPF has earned a reputation for acquiring and successfully refurbishing affordable housing—in a minimally invasive way, leveraging all of the organization’s experience, skills, and strengths.

Forward Thinking, creating a $50 million equity fund for the acquisition of properties to be redeveloped and preserved as tax credit properties; Collaboration, proudly standing as one of 12 founding not-for-profits forming the Housing Partnership Equity Trust, an $80 million Private Real Estate Investment Trust for the acquisition and preservation of affordable housing; Expanding the Portfolio through “firsts” including NHPF’s first single-family home acquisition, Hollander Ridge, in a high-opportunity neighborhood with many amenities matching those found in for-sale properties; Establishing Equity through the built environment, NHPF’s RSI Task Force is working to build partner and vendor teams through conscious, diverse choices, create housing that is a catalyst for fighting social and racial injustice and improving internal and external policies; Measurable Results, producing and tracking outcome- based programs and services and continuously seeking the best results for our residents; Robust Portfolio, 57 properties located in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia; Construction Value, totaling over $1B dollars in value, since 2009, NHPF has completed three new affordable housing properties and 22 LIHTC rehabilitations;

Expert, In-house Team of professionals capable of comprehensively evaluating the factors that go into successful investment decisions; Meaningful JV Credentials, through a joint venture, established a $10M revolving line of credit to provide equity for investments in workforce housing; Af liate Program, NHPF provides its resources, manpower, expertise and/or financial statement to not-for-profit affordable housing developer/owners, housing authorities, tenant associations, and other municipal and community organizations to renovate existing assets or develop new properties; Longevity and Performance, over three decades of sustainable, environmentally responsible affordable housing investment and development; solid portfolio performance and development track record; Entrepreneurial, business-oriented leadership, experienced and knowledgeable personnel, and a Trustee Board with diverse backgrounds; Exceeding Expectations, acquisition and re nancing portfolio property performance that continues to exceed original projections by more than $1.1M; Proven Leadership Track Record, Richard Burns, President & CEO, Portfolio Manager with duciary investing experience in value-add multifamily for institutional investors in a past position

4 • The NHP Foundation: Affordable Housing Blueprint

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