NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint


Our Strengths

Our Beliefs

NHPF’s strengths are: • A Thorough Knowledge of real estate fundamentals • Effective Resident Services, our subsidiary Operation Pathways, Inc. was the first Certified Organization for Resident Engagement & Services (CORES) • Solid Community Partnerships, with faith-based organizations, local housing authorities and others •  Positive Relationships with investors, public agencies •  Development and Acquisition Efforts increasingly focused in select markets •  Expertise in working with complex affordable housing nance programs •  Staff Leaders experienced in both for- pro t and not- for-pro t real estate •  A Next Generation Team being prepared and nurtured to boldly and creatively tackle industry challenges •  A Strong Capacity to develop tailored resident services programs for those who live in each property •  Support from an Investment Committee composed of seasoned members of our Board of Trustees • Thought Leadership dominance through a variety of NHPF events such as our award-winning Symposia and NHPF-authored content including industry reports and studies

NHPF believes in: • The Dignity of our residents

• The Value of safe, clean, functional housing that is affordable to residents or low and moderate income • The Inclusion of comprehensive resident services, providing important support for families and seniors, building communities, and stabilizing occupancy • G reen, Sustainable Housing that is both economical for our residents and environmentally responsible • B uilding on Our Affordable Housing Mission and achieve greater inclusivity, diversity and racial equity by establishing and working to realize internal, external, and resident engagement goals

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 5

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