NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

Since 1989, NHPF has served low and moderate income Americans from coast to coast.

Our History of Success

NHPF doesn’t just put roofs over people’s heads—we build communities.

NHPF HAS REALIZED extraordinary achievements in the preservation and creation of value-added affordable housing, preserving more than 100 multi-family properties containing 18,000 affordable housing units. We currently serve more than 25,000 residents in nearly 10,000 units, much made possible via $656 million in development funding using LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits.) Advances since that time include expanding our portfolio via the preservation and rehabilitation of a vast array of different affordable housing options including SRO (Single Room Occupancy) dwellings, single-family rental homes, RAD for PRAC senior properties, HUD’s program to convert existing PRAC (Project Rental Assistance Contracts) to properties subsidized with PBVs (project-based vouchers) or PBRA (project-based rental assistance), PSH (Permanent Supportive Housing), and large scale preservation deals. This brochure is designed to highlight our successful strategy for acquiring and rehabbing thousands of units of housing with minimal disruption to residents’ lives, in a timely and budget-conscious way. This type of preservation and renovation has won the organization praise from residents, industry awards, and a reputation as a thoughtful and thorough affordable housing partner. We also consistently increase and improve our on-site resident services via our subsidiary, Operation Pathways, its own 501(c) (3) not-for- profit corporation. Through Family-Centered Coaching, Operation Pathways engages with, and assists, families experiencing poverty and other hardship, to problem-solve together. Additional advances include implementation of an ambitious “greening” of our properties. Currently over 75% experience vast water and energy savings with the remainder in the works. We have also converted nearly 1000 units to new, highly- insulated roo ng systems and gone smoke-free in several of our buildings.

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 3

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