2019 Symposium & Dinner Journal

Operation Pathways

Investing in Family-Centered Coaching

NHPF’S COMMITMENT AND MISSION TO PRESERVE AFFORDABLE HOUSING and mission to preserve affordable housing is not realized through bricks and mortar alone, but in union with programs and services offered

that help transform our residents’ lives. Residents in NHPF communities have access to a wide variety of educational, health, and enrichment programming through Operation Pathways, an affiliate of NHPF. Operation Pathways’ successful approach to delivering high-quality programs is based on a philosophy of program delivery that is impactful, innovative and in-house, embracing family-centered coaching as a most effective means for creating meaningful and productive partnerships between our resident services coordinators and residents. Charles and Gennifer Ratliff of Forest Park Apartments in New Orleans represent another shining example of the coaching at its best. Over five years the couple has built a strong and trusting relationship with their resident services coordinator, Tiffany Martinez. Using techniques she learned in family- centered coaching, Tiffany assessed the Ratliffs’ readiness to partner with her to help achieve their goals. The Ratliffs began by partnering with Tiffany to uncover short-term objectives that would help them eventually achieve their larger goals of maintaining financial security throughout retirement. Of utmost importance to the Ratliffs was identifying a new, affordable prescription plan that would cover Gennifer’s medication costs to treat the chronic diabetes that has confined her to a wheelchair. The Ratliffs worked with Tiffany to find ways to keep medication costs and copays at a manageable rate given their fixed income. Through active listening and asking powerful questions, Tiffany and the Ratliffs made a plan, researched prescription programs and reached out to vendors. Within a few weeks, they had signed up for a new prescription plan that they could afford. During this time, Tiffany was conducting weekly check-ins with them and began to connect them to other residents in the community. These experiences led the couple to seek guidance in designing a monthly budget for their finances, so that they could be ready for future unexpected


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