2019 Symposium & Dinner Journal

The NHP Foundation Statement

THIRTY YEARS AGO, with just $3 million pledged by 24 institutional investors, The NHP Foundation began its mission to provide safe, clean, affordable housing for American families. Historically, NHPF has been able to preserve 94 affordable properties encompassing 23,986 units, positively impacting tens of thousands of lives. Over the past few years, not-for-profit, for-profit, and institutional investors have witnessed notable, non-traditional actors across several industries testing the waters of affordable housing investing. These entities are establishing funds and pledging to invest capital into the communities where they do business, impacting the environment for all who live and work there. It is our hope today’s traditional institutional investors follow suit and continue the path their predecessors paved, focusing their investments in affordable housing, an industry that specializes in providing financial returns and social ones as well. We at NHPF believe there can be no greater economic impact than investing in the lives of American families. We know when stable, affordable, service- enriched housing is brought within reach of families, people’s lives improve, and they are better equipped to redefine what is possible.

What are the ways investors benefit?

Our latest study, in conjunction with Kingsley Associates, and IREI looks for answers. The data demonstrates an appetite for investing in the affordable housing arena with many respondents reporting healthy, reliable returns. The report also points out perceived impediments such as government regulation. Overcoming barriers by increasing outreach and education will go a long way towards attracting new capital and importantly, working to streamline relationships between investors and federal, state, and local governments. A paradigm shift is occurring in our industry. Corporate value structures are being reassessed and prioritized, presenting a unique moment of opportunity which we cannot afford to ignore. Too much is at stake, and too many families are at risk. We hope the conversation we’ve begun here tonight turns into a national groundswell of new investments in the resource that is America’s affordable housing.


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