Operation Pathways: Book of Stories

Your Partnership: Effective and Highly Valued The value of your financial support is priceless. It is as priceless as the many lives transformed by the myriad programs and services offered to the residents who call NHPF properties home. Your support has enabled an almost 30-year-old organization to flourish and its resident services program to positively affect the lives of thousands.

NHPF has realized extraordinary achievements in the preservation and creation of value-added affordable housing. Since its incorporation as a not-for-profit in 1989, NHPF has operated with both a charitable mission and businesslike financial discipline, preserving 81 multi-family properties, comprising a total of 14,259 apartment units. Building on that foundation,

NHPF has earned a reputation for solid accomplishments in providing clean, safe, affordable housing for low to moderate income families and seniors. NHPF provides the means to grow and a place to grow, and all of the means we provide to grow are delivered under the umbrella of Operation Pathways Resident Services, a division of NHPF. Growth is accomplished through the tireless effort of our resident services coordinators (RSCs), who direct site-based programs and services in community centers located on NHPF properties. With site-based RSCs serving as program directors and partnership managers, NHPF’s Operation Pathways provides a variety of programs and services focused on health, education, and financial-literacy training, resulting in an enhanced quality of life.



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