Operation Pathways: Book of Stories

Letter from Richard F. Burns

Dear Friends,

At The NHP Foundation (NHPF), our mission-driven belief revolves around the idea that where you live matters. While creating and preserving clean, safe affordable housing is critically important, we believe our job is only half done if we can’t provide more than just a roof. We are able to achieve our mission through your contributions, and the impact of your investment is best demonstrated by the stories of those we serve. Stories are the reflections of our lives and the lives of others. Through their detailed accounts, stories challenge our emotions, force us to use our imaginations, push us to learn, and in the process, shape our perceptions. We listen to our residents’ needs and respond by implementing programs and services that are intended to enhance their lives. From creating a safe and enriching afterschool environment for our school-age residents, to helping our senior residents age well in place, to improving health and wellness for all our residents, our goal has always been to produce communities that are attractive, life-enhancing and sustainable. We continuously benchmark our program data to ensure we are delivering services and programs that are not only embraced by the residents but are also producing intended results. For many income challenged Americans, life outcomes are limited, resources are restricted, and opportunities for improvement are low. Through your contributions, Operation Pathways is able to breakdown these barriers, improve life outcomes, supplement resources, and open doors to new and better opportunities for our residents. In essence, improve the quality of their lives. Described by those we serve in their own words, the stories in this book are a testament to how your investments have made a difference in the lives of many. We would like you, our supporters, to know the role you continue to play in these stories—we are proud to call you our partners and are grateful for your ongoing involvement in The NHPF “story.”


Richard F. Burns President & CEO, The NHP Foundation


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