Operation Pathways: Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2021

Operation Pathways By the Numbers

4,729  Total Households 7,013  Residents Participated in Operation Pathways Programs & Services

$950K Total in Rental Assistance Secured by Resident Services Coordinators (RSCs) to Keep Families Housed

900 Residents and Community Members Vaccinated at On-site Covid-19 Clinics

12,841 Meals and Groceries Delivered

4,803 Residents Participated in Healthier Living Programs & Services

Healthier Living

Our Healthier Living programming proves vital every year, particularly in 2021 with pandemic uncertainty still a factor. This past year, we provided healthy meal deliveries, nutrition programming, on-site health clinics, and other health related services to services to 4,803 residents. On-site health clinics provided infectious disease screenings, mammograms, pre- diabetes screenings, and blood pressure

Participating in an on-site fitness class at Winter Hill

screenings to our residents, and service coordinators worked to incorporate health and fitness into our onsite programming. Our communities started walking clubs, attended on-site farmers markets and healthy food distributions, participated in community gardening, and attended on-site and virtual fitness programming.

Enjoying the harvest at an Operation Pathways community garden

On-site mammogram screening with Missouri Baptist Church at St. Luke Plaza

Members of Bolton North’s Walking club participating in a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Operation Pathways By the Numbers

2,676 Wellness Checks and Home Visits

1,529 Residents Received Care at On-site Health Clinics

1,258 Residents Received Eviction Prevention Assistance

1,209 Residents Received Housing and Household Management Support

1,205 Residents Received Benefits

Enrollment Support & Assistance

978 Residents Received Financial Education and Financial Support Services

Residents of Alexander House visit an onsite Veterans, Faith, Farmers (VFF) mobile farmer’s market. During these markets, the Washington County Health Department, as well as Meritus Medical Outreach and University of Maryland Agriculture and Nutrition Extension, provide benefits, nutrition, health information, and various health screenings.

653 Residents Received Computer Access and Training

596 Residents Received Crisis Intervention and Support Counseling

524 Residents Were Enrolled in Energy Assistance Programs

100% Of Teens Enrolled in the Affordable Housing Teen Internship Program Reported They Gained an Understanding of Affordable Housing

As part of Operation Pathways’ Covid-19 response, residents of Forest Park and Winter Hill received Covid-19 vaccinations

Covid-19 Response In 2021, Operation Pathways service coordinators remained on the frontline of Covid-19 response in our communities. They navigated changes in state and local government restrictions and implemented a variety of unique and creative programming to provide uninterrupted service to residents most at risk. A highlight of their work this year was the coordination of 38 on-site vaccination clinics, providing vaccines to 900 residents and community members. RSCs across our portfolio provided education, support, and assistance to residents in scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and ensuring that individuals had the most up-to-date information about the Covid-19 vaccine. Housing Stability During the Covid-19 pandemic, our nation experienced a dramatic increase in housing instability. A rise in unemployment, a shift to remote learning for youth, and increased pandemic expenditures for families left many struggling to pay rent. This year, our RSCs rallied around our community members, and worked in partnership with government, for profit and not-for- profit organizations to secure over $950,000 in rental relief to keep residents in their homes. Digital Access The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated challenges for families without access to broadband internet. With transitions to remote work and learning, access became a critical lifeline. In 2021, our service coordinators secured free internet for 200 households, assisted 307 residents in paying internet bills, and assisted 121 households in setting up internet within their homes.

Food Security & Essential Supplies In addition to providing on- site nutrition and healthy food access, our service coordinators work to fight food insecurity in the homes

of our communities. This year, we provided 9,199 meals and 2,642 food and grocery deliveries. Our coordinators secured over 3,000 donations from local food banks and also provided residents with hygiene and

Coach Andrea prepares care packages for residents at Anacostia Gardens and Benning Heights.

household goods donations. In total, 2,179 hygiene kits and 625 kits of household cleaning supplies were distributed in our communities. Financial Programming Each year, Operation Pathways participates in America Saves Week (ASW), providing residents with financial literacy workshops, budget tips and resources, and opportunities to open savings accounts; 12 properties held events this year. In addition to participating in ASW, our service coordinators conducted a variety of financial programming. This included financial literacy programs serving 416 residents, credit repair counseling for 258 residents, budget workshops serving 178 residents, and debt reduction programs serving 118 residents. Operation Pathways also partnered with Esusu, a financial technology platform built to create equitable financial access for all. Through Esusu, on-time rental payments of participating residents are reported to major credit bureaus, assisting residents in building and/or boosting their credit scores. This partnership also gives residents access to Esusu’s Rent Relief, an interest-free microloan program that helps residents avoid late penalties and stay in their homes.

Residents enjoy a Cash Carnival during a financial management event

Bayview Tower’s Makerspace.

Aviation Week at Cleme Manor in Houston.

Youth Programming This year, 882 youth community members participated in education programs, and 622 participated in youth development programs across our properties. Our service coordinators organized the distribution of 4,773 youth breakfasts and 4,952 youth lunches. Programming focused on literacy activities and homework assistance, also including career exploration, job placement assistance, and mentoring for teens. Properties across our portfolio also conducted back to school drives and a variety of holiday activities. Summer Internship Program

Operation Pathways’ 2021 internship snapshots

Operation Pathways offered four internship programs to teenagers and young adults in our communities this year: Affordable Housing Internship, Property Management Internship, Professional Communications Virtual Internship, and Makerspace Internship (Bayview Towers). Teens participated at 16 different sites and 91% of participants believe they are better prepared to achieve their future educational, career, and personal goals because of the internship program. In addition to gaining work experience, each of our interns was partnered with a family centered coach who worked with them to develop their professional and financial skills. Program offerings included personal finance, career planning, resume writing, and interviewing skills classes.

OPERATION PATHWAYS: A subsidiary of THE NHP FOUNDATION 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005 operationpathways.org • nhpfoundation.org

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