Resident Stories

Letter from Ken White

Before all other forms of media and communication were invented, humans connected to one another through telling stories. Indeed it’s through storytelling that we come to know one another and understand our world through someone else’s senses, life experiences and cultures. Through other people’s stories, we also become aware of the limitations of our own worldviews, and hopefully expand our minds with each new perspective. Operation Pathways offers residents living in affordable housing communities opportunities to increase their quality of life. Our resident services coordinators connect our residents with programs and services to build their strengths and meet their needs. Each day, we meet our residents where they are and together we assess and determine the next steps towards their goals. Overcoming the obstacles that lie in the pathway leading to these goals are the stories found herein. I am grateful to have read the stories presented in this booklet, and excited to share them with you. Through these wonderful accounts of perseverance, determination, and good fortune, may you all be inspired to meet your own adversities face-to-face and work toward building happier and healthier lives for yourselves, your families, and your communities. And then when you’ve overcome your own hardship, make sure that you tell someone your story.


In gratitude,

Ken White Vice President, Operation Pathways


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