2017 Symposium Industry Report: Pay for Success

Millennials and the Housing Market The Elderly and the Housing Market Costs and Benefits of Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Policy 


Understanding Affordable Housing Public Housing in the United States The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit The Future of Housing Policy Using Pay for Success to Finance Affordable Housing 


What is Pay for Success (PFS)?

Why PFS? 


The Problem The Solution The “Value-Added” Model of Social Service Financing Challenges Ahead

Cost Savings vs. Cost Avoidance Current PFS Housing Contracts Case Study: Denver, CO Supportive Housing Project Beyond Supportive Housing: Pay for Success and Housing Construction PFS and Pre-Acquisition Financing Pay for Success and Property Acquisition/Rehabilitation-Preservation

Case Study: Mark Twain Residences Pay for Success and Resident Services Case Study: Cleme Manor Implementing a Pay for Success Program 


Preconditions Feasibility Study—The Urban Institute Quick Assessment Tool A Pay for Success Action Plan for America Appendix A: Pay for Success Background  Pay for Success 101 Benefits of Pay for Success Challenges of Pay for Success Stakeholders Involved Stakeholder Motivations Project Development Process Pay for Success Project Development Appendix B: The PFS Process—Brief Step by Step  Appendix C: PFS Rapid Feasibility Quick Assessment Tool 


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Endnotes and Works Cited 

2 Pay for Success & Affordable Housing | Stefano Rumi

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