2017 Symposium Industry Report: Pay for Success


Acknowledgments  Executive Summary 

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The NHP Foundation—What We Do and Why 

How NHPF Finances Housing 

Private-Public Partnerships Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Looking Ahead



Our Neighborhood, Our Community

What is Affordable Housing? 


How to Define “Affordable” Percent of Income

Housing and Transportation Costs Shelter Poverty/Residual Income Further Criticisms of Economic Definitions of Housing Insecurity

Understanding the Numbers New Standards of Affordability

The Importance of Housing 


Affordable Housing and Homelessness Who Are the Homeless? HUD Programs for the Homeless Case Study: Homeless in Charlottesville Housing First Affordable Housing and Health

How Neighborhoods and Housing Affect Health The Effects of Affordable Housing on Health Nutrition Physical Health Access to Healthcare Mental Health Affordable Housing and Education Affordable Housing and Economic Opportunity Fighting Discrimination in Affordable Housing

Pay for Success & Affordable Housing | Stefano Rumi 1

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