NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint


NHPF OWNS AND OPERATES ITS PROPERTIES WITH CARE. We not only renovate and create units of affordable housing, but also maintain them to a high standard so that they are attractive additions to local communities and neighborhoods, places where families live with pride and that neighbors see as community assets Preserving the Environment Sound management produces attractive, sustainable properties to which we are committed. NHPF is committed to “greening” its portfolio and has taken on several initiatives towards that goal: • W e have constructed and redeveloped more than 1,500 units with high-ef ciency Energy-Star appliances • M ore than 1,500 single-pane windows have been replaced with double pane, low-E windows • 7 50 housing units have been converted from central boiler/window air-conditioner systems to high-ef ciency central HVAC systems • In recent years NHPF has replaced 11 flat, built-up roofs and 20 asphalt shingle roofs with new, highly-insulated roo ng systems • S ix NHPF properties in Washington, DC have solar energy systems that provide common area electricity and hot-water

• E ight NHPF properties are now smoke-free

10 • The NHP Foundation: Affordable Housing Blueprint

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