NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

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Creating Communities

“We congratulate NHPF for taking their groundbreaking ideas and turning them into solid outcomes. They are actively shaping neighborhoods across the country with their ideas, passion, and commitment. Their efforts have created bright futures for communities where safe, secure housing is needed most.” ELLEN ROGERS, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BANK, BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH

THE NHP FOUNDATION IS ACTIVELY SEEKING to acquire properties and partnership interests in portfolios of affordable housing, including Section 8, FHA insured, Mark to Market, and expiring LIHTC transactions. We have a strong preference for major metropolitan areas, from Houston eastward. NHPF is looking to develop equitable housing options, resources, and inclusive community revitalization, while preserving housing that is a source of pride and enjoyment for residents and neighboring communities. We are working to ensure that racial equity, social justice and resident services are just as solidly built into today’s affordable housing as sound design, plumbing and electrical. This commitment inspires NHPF to develop a property and provide care through our asset management. For over 30 years, NHPF has been a leader in the development and redevelopment of quality multifamily rental housing. We have set ourselves apart by the commitment and care we exhibit in the from start to finish. We locate properties that are well-positioned and possess a strong market potential. We assess each property and work with their physical, economic, and social environments. In line with our holistic approach, we initiate public/private partnerships and join with local businesses and community organizations to ensure the long-term viability and success of our properties.

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 9

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