NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint


Our Business Model

OUR BUSINESS MODEL combines the altruistic aspects of mission-driven work with the acumen and attention to detail of a nely-tuned for-pro t entity. We never lose sight of our primary goals: providing multifamily and senior communities for thousands of Americans to call home; and acting as trusted stewards of our critical investment funding. Our experience speaks volumes on both fronts as we continue providing award- winning, service-enriched, quality properties for our residents. We are proud that our properties go beyond “brick and mortar”— enhanced by our active resident services program— Operation Pathways—which provides a wide variety of services including education, health and wellness, nancial literacy, and enrichment programs not only for residents, but also for people in the surrounding community. NHPF is fundamentally committed to a process of community building that strengthens neighborhoods and helps families prosper over time. This has been especially true during the pandemic as our outreach efforts have included:

•  Aid to 514 Residents to receive energy/utility assistance •  Pathways for 599 Residents to receive unemployment assistance And we are proud of our process. We maintain a robust data-gathering operation, the results of which are at the core of each organization decision. By focusing on housing as well as the services that individuals and families need to raise children, remain healthy, and grow nancial stability, NHPF’s properties effectively serve as anchors in each of the cities and towns in which we are located. We are equally proud of the relationships we forge and foster with nancial institutions and private owners, commercial banks, minority and women- owned businesses, faith-based and community and state organizations, advocacy groups and others, all working together to leverage nancing, permanent tax-exempt bonds, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), among other sources to acquire and preserve our nation’s affordable housing. Many of these relationships have endured for decades, with institutions continuing to see the value of partnering with NHPF. Others are newly minted and at the beginning stages of relationships that will soon bear fruit. These investments help provide a more positive future for working Americans and their families, stimulating growth and stabilizing everyday life in our communities.

•  Wellness Checks on 6,807 residents 22,018 times

•  Food Delivery and/or meals to more than 5,300 residents more than 25,500 times

•  PPE Delivery to 3,760 households

•  Procurement and Delivery of Educational Supplies to 549 school age children •  Internet Connectivity Assistance provided to 142 households, including 62 seniors •  Assistance to 462 Residents to receive or increase WIC benefits

8 • The NHP Foundation: Affordable Housing Blueprint

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