NHPF Annual Report 2015

Operation Pathways: Growing to Independence

2015 WAS A VERY SPECIAL YEAR for the resident services programs known as Operation Pathways. To improve the delivery of quality programs and services for our residents, Operation Pathways became an independent NHPF affiliate and a freestanding not-for-profit corporation. Additional details about these changes can be found in Operation Pathways’ own annual report, or by visiting www.operationpathways.org. Here are just a few examples of how the service delivery in 2015 encouraged academic achievement, financial stability and healthier living for all our residents.

Pathway to Healthier Living

Pathway to Financial Stability

Pathway to Academic Achievement

Our New Orleans properties continue to be our flagship

Operation Pathways participated in America

Academic success varies greatly based on socio-

communities for health and wellness programming. Their outstanding work has helped us develop a new partnership with Girl Trek, a national organization using grassroots organizing and social media to support daily walking groups for women in low socio-economic communities. Girl Trek invited New Orleans Resident Services Coordinator Tiffany Martinez to attend their leadership training program. Girl Trek and Operation Pathways have since partnered in other areas to reach women in our housing communities.

Saves Week, giving our residents an opportunity to pledge to achieve a savings

economic status. In fact, disadvantaged students are five times more likely to drop out of high school. Quality afterschool programs can narrow that achievement gap, and our Brighten Up program does just that. Participants are tested to identify those who are scoring below grade level in math and reading. Brighten Up’s Exploration Station then provides tutoring in these two critical areas. Grade levels improved by 1.5 or more for 70% of our participants this year.

goal. Participants’ progress was tracked for the first three months of their saving. We are happy to report that 66% of those who pledged to save money fulfilled their commitment, saving an average of $175 during that period. We are so proud of the families who committed to paying themselves first!


Annual Report NHPF Fiscal Year 2015 

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