NHPF Annual Report 2015

122 EAST 42ND STREET, SUITE 4900, NEW YORK, NY 10168 • 646.336.4940 1090 VERMONT AVENUE, NW, SUITE 400, WASHINGTON, DC 20005 • 202.789.5300 150 N. MICHIGAN AVENUE, SUITE 2800, CHICAGO, IL 60601 • 312.216.5103 www.nhpfoundation.org Headquartered in New York City with offices in Washington, DC, and Chicago, IL, The NHP Foundation (NHPF) was launched on January 30, 1989, as a publicly supported 501(c)(3) not- for-profit real estate corporation. NHPF is dedicated to preserving and creating sustainable, service-enrichedmultifamily housing that is both affordable to low andmoderate income families and seniors, and beneficial to their communities. NHPF also provides a robust resident services program to nearly 20,000 community residents. Through partnerships with major financial institutions, the public sector, faith-based initiatives, and other not-for-profit organizations, NHPF has a portfolio of 39 properties located in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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