NHPF Annual Report 2015

•  The above lead to higher degrees of stress, frustration, and hopelessness, creating a downward spiral of human suffering and an increase in public costs. CLEAN, SAFE AFFORDABLE HOUSING can stabilize neighborhoods and be a springboard for greater opportunity. IT IS OUR STRONG BELIEF that social inequality cannot be resolved without fixing our housing crisis. As a nation, we need to recognize these facts and politically commit to larger dollar allocations through a more rational and targeted housing policy. Affordable housing for all should be a national priority. Congress and philanthropic institutions must become aware that without providing additional financial and program support, the unaffordable housing crisis, a root cause of social inequality, will only go from bad to worse.

drugs, gangs, domestic violence, child abuse, high rates of incarceration, and premature deaths.

WHERE AND HOW PEOPLE LIVE either provides or deprives them of opportunities to engage in healthy and prosperous lives. However, the fact is that it’s not only those who live in unhealthy homes and environments who are affected. All of society suffers when people are denied decent, safe, affordable housing. WHEN PEOPLE ARE FORCED TO SPEND as much as 50% of their income on housing, the following are often the result: • They live in substandard housing. • Those who seek nicer housing at affordable rent farther from urban areas find themselves pushed greater distances from their work. • They are often forced to rely on fast food establishments for their caloric intake, leading to obesity and chronic illness. • They cannot afford to, or have the opportunity to, educate themselves or their children in order to achieve higher-paying jobs and work opportunities that would help them break their cycle of financial struggle and poverty.


Annual Report NHPF Fiscal Year 2015 

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