The NHP Foundation: Impact Report 2020

Impact Report 2020

The NHP Foundation By the Numbers

57 Properties Located in 15 States & DC

454 New Units Acquired in 2020 for a Total of 9,973 Units

45 Multifamily Properties with 8,048 Multifamily Units

NHPF Accomplishments in 2020 In 2020, NHPF achieved the following accomplishments: the acquisition and redevelopment of our first single-family rental home affordable housing transaction (Hollander Ridge in Baltimore, Maryland); the acquisition and redevelopment of our first property in Boston, Massachusetts (Blue Mountain Apartments) and the acquisition and redevelopment of our first property in South Carolina (Victoria Gardens Apartments in Spartanburg, South Carolina).

Covid-19 deliveries of food and other supplies to residents

NHPF’s Response During the Pandemic Many residents of affordable housing are front line and retail workers, more inclined to either contract Covid or suffer job loss. Our Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) continue to increase wellness visits, meals and other assistance that residents can avail themselves of to maintain health and well-being during these difficult days. Importantly during this health crisis, we have not completed any occupied unit rehabs, taking care and all available measures to move all residents to temporary relocated housing. This may take a project longer to complete, but the knowledge gained in performing temporary relocations past the Pandemic is invaluable.

Covid-19 Response Numbers

3,760 Households Provided with

$9,226 Worth of PPE Supplies

549 Youths Received Educational Supplies & Enrichment Packets

Victoria Gardens Apartments in Spartanburg, South Carolina

10 Senior Properties with 1,713 Senior Units

Meals Were Served to 5,492 Residents


2 SROs with 212 Units

7,121 Residents Received Wellness Checks Via Phone Calls

866 Units Under Rehabilitation at 7 Properties

605 Residents Received Employment & Job Search Assistance

86 New Units Under Construction

Makerspace at Stamford’s Bayview Towers with Cast Researchers In addition to going over and beyond to make sure residents were able to receive services and assistance during the Pandemic, Operation Pathways also managed to make voting assistance available to many residents. As well, Operation Pathways is offering some unique programming such as the makerspace in Stamford’s Bayview Towers, in partnership with The Center for Applied Special Technology, an education research nonprofit, introducing residents to science and technology learning and hands-on projects.

Green Measures 108 Million Gallons of Water Saved $1.4 Million in Water Bill Reductions

1957  Almost 2000 Energy Efficient Windows Have Been Installed at NHPF Properties

1,494 Smoke-free Units

Going Green with NHPF NHPF believes that nothing helps improve the quality of our housing more than going green. We have concentrated on infusing our residents and staff with a sustainable mindset, demonstrating in meaningful ways the value of concepts like water consumption reduction and energy efficiency. We have also spent time sharing the “good news” about cost- and energy-savings with residents who are only too pleased to learn what energy savings the organization realizes. Since 2018, we’ve executed water-retrofit programs in 1,311 units which are expected to reduce water usage up to 35%. Portfolio water consumption continues to remain low at 57.60 gallons per square foot which is 34% below 2013 numbers. NHPF also completed rehabilitation of over 90 units in 2018 that included upgrades to Energy Star appliances and HVAC systems, water- efficient plumbing fixtures, solar panels that generate electricity for the common areas, and window replacements.

Kick-off event at Bayview Towers with CAST researchers, creating a Makerspace in the affordable housing building to encourage STEM learning.

Operation Pathways By the Numbers

Residents Participated in Operation Pathways Programs & Services


5,776 Residents Participated in Healthier Living Programs & Services

485 Organizations Partnered with Operation Pathways

1,545 Residents Received Financial Education & Financial Support Services

1,797 Residents Received Benefits

Enrollment Support & Assistance

NHPF Social Impact 97.7% Occupancy Rate

1,129 Residents Received Housing & Household Management Support

97% Of Properties Have

1,537 Residents Participated in Voter

On-Site Community Facilities

Registration & Registration Initiatives

943 Residents Received Eviction Prevention Assistance

90% Of Units Serve Households At or Below 80% AMI @nhpfoundation

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