FCHC Annual Report 2012



Our Mission

As an affordable housing provider in northern Virginia, FCHC’s mission is to preserve and create more affordable multi-family rental housing:

• serving unmet needs • promoting northern Virginia

• helping to ensure that the low- to moderate-income people who work in northern Virginia have housing they can afford

The Falls Church Housing Corporation (FCHC): Another Year—Moving Forward with Your Help

ANOTHER YEAR has been added to the FCHC story. We are proud to share FCHC’s 2012 accomplishments, and remain dedicated to our mission of providing affordable housing for the most vulnerable residents in the City of Falls Church and the surrounding area. This annual reports highlights the many ways in which our future continues to look bright. Our Partnership with the City We remain grateful for the positive and productive relationship that FCHC has with the City of Falls Church and the staff at City Hall. FCHC has continued its efforts to promote and develop affordable housing initiatives through a cooperative agreement with the city. In this role, FCHC attended City Council meetings, hosted a public forum on the proposed Falls Church Affordable Housing Policy, served on the City’s Affordable Housing Task Force, participated in Planning Commission hearings on affordable housing, and worked to further the City’s Affordable Dwelling Units (ADU) guidelines. Public Sector Funding In the past year, FCHC received much needed Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and social service funding. These grants, along with the reallocated HUD Economic Development Initiative (EDI) funds, have assisted with infrastructure and safety projects spotlighted in this report. We were also delighted to receive financial assistance for bi-weekly yoga classes. These classes have been extremely popular and help promote a healthy lifestyle for our residents and their Falls Church neighbors who also attend. Through the judicious use of these public sector funds and the excellent work of our management team, the quality of resident life in the Winter Hill and Virginia Village communities have significantly improved. Strategic Management and Expansion Looking forward, FCHC will explore attractive re-financing opportunities for our existing properties. We will continue to actively pursue opportunities for expansion in the City of Falls Church, including the possibilities for acquiring existing properties and undeveloped tracts of land. Working with churches, non-profit groups, governmental entities and private developers, we also explore the contiguous areas of Greater Falls Church for ways to expand the stock of affordable housing. As FCHC grows, we have begun to identify potential acquisitions and collaborations throughout Virginia in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Newport News, and Norfolk. We have also done exploratory work in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Moving Forward with your Help As always, we need your help and value the Financial Partners listed in this report. Please ask your friends and colleagues to add their names to that list by supporting our worthy mission. We would be honored to share our story with your church, civic, and school groups.

Richard Burns President Falls Church Housing Corporation


Welcome Letter from New Executive Director

WELCOME to the board of directors, financial partners, valued members and patrons of the Falls Church Housing Corporation, FCHC. I want to express my profound gratitude leading FCHC to achieve its mission in preserving and creating affordable housing opportunities in the City of Falls Church and the surrounding areas. As the new executive director, my number one responsibility will be the provision of suitable affordable housing and sustainable community development initiatives, which serves the needs of low to moderate-income people and households. In the coming months, FCHC will implement a comprehensive strategic vision and growth initiatives that will navigate FCHC’s efforts to better fulfill its critical mission, strengthen its connections with our members and partners, and generate transformational value in the organization. The major goals of FCHC’s strategic vision are the following:

• S trengthen the Core FCHC will work this year to create multiple platforms to engage members and inform of the progress of the organization and solicit feedback on our efforts. • Increase Partnership Outreach FCHC will continue its strong relationship with the City of Falls Church, other non-profit and faith based organizations to create affordable housing and community development initiatives and activities. • C reating Long-term Value FCHC will vigorously pursue new affordable housing opportunities in Falls Church and surrounding communities in Virginia.

In order to actively pursue these strategic objectives, FCHC needs your continued involvement and financial contributions. This year, FCHC will call upon a renewed participation from the Board and its members to increase your tax-deductible financial support. Thanks again for your support and we look forward to productive year in preserving and creating affordable housing opportunities!

Jaymar G. Joseph Executive Director Falls Church Housing Corporation


Spotlight on Infrastructure

2012 MARKED A PERIOD of significant infrastructure improvement for FCHC properties. Among the improvements to Winter Hill and Virginia Village were:

•  a storm water management paver system installation •  terracing of flower beds to reduce erosion •  new energy efficient windows with improved emergency egress •  water-conserving toilets and shower heads •  kitchen and bathroom aerators •  energy-efficient air conditioner units with remote controls

•  safety grab bars in bathrooms and showers, and •  apartment floor lamps with energy efficient bulbs


Financial Partners AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2012 The Falls Church Housing Corporation is deeply appreciative of your generosity.

GRANT FUNDING City of Falls Church CDBG City of Falls Church Community Service Fund IN-KIND Panera Bread Red White & Blue Temple Rodef Shalom Boat People SOS Call 2 Sisters Professional Organizers NOVA Pharmacy KPA Management of Winter Hill Condominium Association Capital Area Food Bank Knights of Columbus Our Daily Bread Original House of Pancakes Girl Scouts of America BENEFACTORS Suntrust United Way Campaign NAHMA Educational Foundation Center for Health Columbia Baptist Church Dulin United Methodist Church Quinn & Sons, Inc. F Champman & Grace Taylor

SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS $5 TO $499 Grace & Harry Rissetto Lois Berlin Dat Thi Chung Minh t & Qui Phu Nguyen Lan Thi Nguyen Virginia Long Mary Ann Mahoney Cynthia J & Robert E Donaldson Trust

Mary Dinh Jean & William Welsh Mary Slattery Lois Berlin Glenda & Dr. Steven Rogers Linda & Wilbur Hamill Phubinh & NgocNguyen Jean & Edward Trott June & Mike Beyer Judy & JoeBracken Nancy Brandon Leslie & Phillip Duncan Dan Western Ngoc Chau Thi Nguyen Dana & Marsh Kaufman Adrienne Elrod Martha & Richard Meserve Ted & Willa Lutz Edith & David Snyder Rosemary Ziskind Carol & Kevin Ogle Jon Wiant Gwen & Peter Pohl Infante Harry Brandon Alphonse Nguyen Betty & Richard Allan Molly Cordaro Diana & Stephen Ruth Melisa & Meade Atkeson VPIS Kim & Daniel Maller Neal Callander Gail Warner Center for Environment Health and Justice

Robert Grille Mark Stahley Laurene & Ian Graig

Patricia A. & H. Alan Brangman Patricia M. & Michael G Pyne Renee &William Andrews Elizabeth Blystone Robert Day Noel & David Spevacek Madeline Cafruny Sara Fitzgerald

Julie Fresne Cynthis Kuhn

Marlind Hockenberry Cecilia & John Pitas Larry McNickle Susan & Donald Larcamp Cindy Mester Randal Lemke Tutty Fairbanks Joselyn & Ronald Barrow Jacquelyn Droujinsky Quan Pham Shirley Camp Nancy & James Scott Anne O’Neil

PATRONS $500 TO $999

Mary Ellen & John Gannon Diane & Stephen Sprague


FALLS CHURCH HOUSING CORPORATION 330-B.S. Virginia Avenue, Suite 2, Falls Church, VA 22046 703.241.5402 www. fchccdc.org

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