FCHC Annual Report 2011


OUR MISSION As an affordable housing provider in northern Virginia, FCHC’s mission is to preserve and create more affordable multi-family rental housing: • serving unmet needs • promoting northern Virginia • h elping to ensure that the low-

to moderate-income people who work in northern Virginia have housing they can afford

FCHC: A Year in Review and a Bright Future on the Horizon

JULY 2012 MARKED THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Falls Church Housing Corporation (FCHC) becoming an Affiliated Corporation of The NHP Foundation. FCHC retained and reaffirmed its 501(c)3 status, its mission, its Board of Directors and its Executive Director. As an Affiliated Corporation, FCHC has been strengthened by its ability to access NHPF’s expertise in the management and oversight of affordable housing properties, asset management, resident services, accounting, fundraising and resource development, and financial stability. Through economies of scale and cost-saving measures, FCHC continues to be fiscally viable as it adheres to its mission of providing affordable housing to a vulnerable population in the City of Falls Church.

Our future looks bright.

We remain committed to our affordable housing programs in the City of Falls Church, and to the positive relationship we enjoy with the City of Falls Church and its staff at City Hall. Over the years, FCHC has been the beneficiary of a number of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) that have assisted with many infrastructure projects benefitting our Winter Hill and Virginia Village properties and the residents who live there. Going forward, we will continue to pursue opportunities for expansion in the City of Falls Church. However, due to the geographic confines of the City as well as the cost of acquiring existing properties or undeveloped tracts of land there, the FCHC is also looking for affordable housing project sites in the contiguous areas of Greater Falls Church. We are grateful for our partnerships with churches, other not-for-profit groups, governmental entities and private developers to expand the stock of affordable housing for those who live and work in and around the City of Falls Church. We have ambitious plans to preserve and expand the stock of affordable housing in the City of Falls Church and its surrounding areas. To do that, we need your help. Tax-deductible financial support is always appreciated, and so is your endorsement of our path. Please help us spread the word about the great work that FCHC does through your churches, civic groups, schools, and neighborhoods.

Richard Burns

James Garrett


Executive Director

NHP Foundation

Falls Church Housing Corporation


Financial Partners AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2011 The Falls Church Housing Corporation is deeply appreciative of your generosity.

Diana and Stephen Ruth Sharon Schoeller and Ed Saltzberg Ann O’Neil and Lex Shelton Mary Garth Slattery Edie and Tom Smolinski Edith and David Snyder Nonie and Dave Spevacek Elisabeth and Daniel Sze Kathy and Dennis Szymanski James Trollinger Claire and Jim Waters Wesley Housing Corporation Dan Western Jon Wiant Sara Fitzgerald and Walt Wurfel

SPONSORS: $100 TO $499 Renee Bergmann and Bill Andrews Anne Armstrong

GRANT FUNDING: $2,500 AND ABOVE The City of Falls Church CDBG Temple Rodef Shalom

Lois Berlin Don Beyer Elizabeth Blystone

IN-KIND Panera Bread Company Red, White & Blue

Patti and Alan Brangman Jane and Ron Brousseau Marilyn and Paul Bugg Susan Allan and Bob Burnett Gina Caceci J.D. and Neal Callander Christ Crossman United Methodist Clay Café Studios Stephanie Corrao and Neil Comstock Annie Conant Rosemary Condit Martha Cooper Carol and Chester DeLong Dr. William V. Dougherty Vesta Downer Jackie Droujinsky Conrad Egan C.Tutty Fairbanks Ellen and Richard Flaherty Edna Frady Julie and Ron Fresne Deborah and Daniel Gardner Susan and Peter Gates Kathleen and Michael Glover Hertzbach & Co., P.A. Leslie Hutchison Carol and Charles Jackson Wendy Frieman and David Johnson Marsha and Dana Kaufman Cathy and Tom Kaye Terry Hooper and Gus Knapp Cynthia Kuhn Susan and Paul Lannon Judith and Randal Lemke Katharine Emmons and John Matthewson Tori and Tim McKinney Larry McNickle

BENEFACTOR: $1,000 TO $2,500 Donald Campbell Columbia Baptist Church John Davidson Dulin United Methodist Church Phyllis and Thomas Kelley NDC Real Estate Management Inc. Venable, LP Virginia Commerce Bank Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA)

PATRONS: $500 TO $999 Acacia Federal Savings Bank BB&T Mary and Walter Bodling Sarita Gopal and David Chavern Mary Ellen and John Gannon Erik Hoffman

Willa and Ted Lutz Stephen Sprague

Martha and Richard Meserve Christine and Brian O’Connor Leah Porzel Glenda and Steven Rogers


Sheila Mayo Nancy and Merl Moore Hoan Huy Nguyen Minh T. Nguyen Hoa H. Nguyen Alphonse M. Nguyen Hoa Tran and Ken Nguyen Ngoc Chau Thi Nguyen Nhi T. Nguyen Tam T. Nguyen Thinh Nguyen Denise and Dr. Ralph Perrino Hong Van and Quan Pham Sally and Lew Phillips Betty and C. Robert Pitera Susan Pollack

SUPPORTERS: $5 TO $49 Cheryl Andrews Art and Frame of Falls Church Melisa and Meade Atkeson Rose and Jerome Barrett

FRIENDS: $50 TO $99 Betty and Richard Allan Joycelyn and Ronald Barrow Paula Clary and Stephen Bottock Charles Bowmaster Ruth and Gerald Brock Brown’s Hardware Kathleen and Barry Buschow Shirley Camp Center for Health, Environment & Justice Joan Clinton Kathleen and Robert Donovan Leslie and Philip Duncan

William Berry Ruby Bolster Eric Bonetti Marina Boyer

Nancy Brandon Dat Thi Chung Sally Cole Connie and Peter Corbino Molly Cordaro Cdr. Robert Day, USN Ret. Catherine and Mike Diener Mary Nga T. Dinh Peggy and Eugene Dolan Cynthia and Robert Donaldson Donna Englander

Elizabeth and William Dunn Caren and David Hoehner

George Hooper Edward Jenkins

Patricia and Michael Pyne Lesia and Victor Richeson Grace and Harry Rissetto Anita and Jack Rosenberg Simply Computers Elizabeth and John Spencer Ginger Pinholster and Mark Stahley Summit Engineers, Inc. Muoi Tang Nguyet Tonnu and Duc Tran Jeanne and Ted Trott Xuan Thi Truong Khamchanh Vilaya Walter L. Phillips, Inc. Washington Regional Advocacy for Affordable Housing Joe Wetzel Jack Wilbern Bob Young

Hannah and Jeff Jordan Susie and Dan Larcamp Sheri Link Mary Ann Mahoney Kim and Dan Maller Barbara and Richard McCall

Robin and Mike Gardner Jan and James Garrett Tom Gittins Laurie and Ian Graig Robert Grille Linda and Bill Hamill Harry Braswell, Inc.

Walter Mess Cindy Mester Carol Ann Siciliano and Kevin Ogle Nancy and Robert Perry Cecilia and John Pitas Carol Placek Janet and Richard Qualters Treena Rinaldi Ellen and Carl Salsbury Joyce Siegel Alvin Smuzynski Cynthia and Roger Stevens Madalyn Cafruny and Jeffrey Tarbert Melissa Teates

Patricia Meyers and Thomas Hemphill Nikki Graves and Edwin Henderson Leslie and Howard Herman

Mary Lynn Hickey Suy and Van Hoang Ha Nguyet Hoang Lindy Hockenberry Gwen and Peter Pohl Infante Chris and David Jacobs Mary Johnson Lenore Karnis Ruth Kaufman Thong T. La Nga T. Le Paola Lijeron Mei Yu Lin Virginia and George Long

Jean and William Welsh Mary Margaret Whipple Rosemary Ziskind

Marilyn Lumsden Marybeth Martin Susan Dovell and Richard Maynard


FALLS CHURCH HOUSING CORPORATION 330-B.S. Virginia Avenue, Suite 2 Falls Church, VA 22046 703.241.5402 www. fchccdc.org

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