FCHC Annual Report 2011

FCHC: A Year in Review and a Bright Future on the Horizon

JULY 2012 MARKED THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Falls Church Housing Corporation (FCHC) becoming an Affiliated Corporation of The NHP Foundation. FCHC retained and reaffirmed its 501(c)3 status, its mission, its Board of Directors and its Executive Director. As an Affiliated Corporation, FCHC has been strengthened by its ability to access NHPF’s expertise in the management and oversight of affordable housing properties, asset management, resident services, accounting, fundraising and resource development, and financial stability. Through economies of scale and cost-saving measures, FCHC continues to be fiscally viable as it adheres to its mission of providing affordable housing to a vulnerable population in the City of Falls Church.

Our future looks bright.

We remain committed to our affordable housing programs in the City of Falls Church, and to the positive relationship we enjoy with the City of Falls Church and its staff at City Hall. Over the years, FCHC has been the beneficiary of a number of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) that have assisted with many infrastructure projects benefitting our Winter Hill and Virginia Village properties and the residents who live there. Going forward, we will continue to pursue opportunities for expansion in the City of Falls Church. However, due to the geographic confines of the City as well as the cost of acquiring existing properties or undeveloped tracts of land there, the FCHC is also looking for affordable housing project sites in the contiguous areas of Greater Falls Church. We are grateful for our partnerships with churches, other not-for-profit groups, governmental entities and private developers to expand the stock of affordable housing for those who live and work in and around the City of Falls Church. We have ambitious plans to preserve and expand the stock of affordable housing in the City of Falls Church and its surrounding areas. To do that, we need your help. Tax-deductible financial support is always appreciated, and so is your endorsement of our path. Please help us spread the word about the great work that FCHC does through your churches, civic groups, schools, and neighborhoods.

Richard Burns

James Garrett


Executive Director

NHP Foundation

Falls Church Housing Corporation


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