NHPF Survey Compendium

Survey: NHPF Affordable Housing 2022 Results

60% believe unconditionally that “housing should be a human right”; 31% believe in the statement with some conditions. •  Females are far more likely than males to believe unconditionally (65% vs. 53%). •  Men are noticeably more likely than women to want to believe in the statement but need more convincing. •  With nearly seventy percent believing in the statement without any conditions, ages 41–55 are significantly more likely than any other age group to support this sentiment. •  At 69%, support is highest among households with income of less than $35,000. Among people who do not believe unconditionally, 57% indicate the statement is too broad, 25% note the statement is too political, 24% think making housing a human right would cost them money, and 23% think making housing a human right might take away resources from their families and/or businesses. • At 38%, ages 18–25 have the highest concern about having to fund housing. Although respondents are most likely to rank laying the groundwork for high quality education and a bustling economy number 1 overall, reducing crime and societal ills and promoting better health are equally convincing, on average, that housing should be guaranteed for all.

63% define affordable housing as rental apartments and single-family houses that people can afford while still having money left over for other necessities, 46% define it as rental apartments and single-family homes for people with low to middle income, and 40% consider it government-subsidized rental housing. While only 21% overall think of the “projects” when affordable housing comes to mind, the percentage is highest among ages 18–25 (37%).



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