NHPF AnnualReport 2017

NHPF’s Bold Vision In a Volatile Age

It is said that we live in VUCA times—that acronym was developed by the military to describe or reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of our times. And while it may be true that many of these

It is this kind of bold vision and industry leadership that reinforces our belief in Dick Burns who guides the foundation through volatile times like this past year as drastic legislative changes loomed. The organization advocated for the continuation and expansion of LIHTC in articles and with other advocacy and industry leaders such as the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition, the Urban Institute, and the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association to keep the cause in the forefront. And the future is looking incredibly bright! 2018 includes a full slate of acquisitions and rehabilitations in the works, major thought leadership events and the company is bringing on additional talent and resources in all offices. So, when the pundits point out the volatile and uncertain times we live in, we like to point to NHPF’s role in mitigating just a portion of that for the communities and people we serve. We hope that you will visit our website and learn more.

forces are in play today, the work we do at The NHP Foundation in support of affordable housing helps to foster security and an increased quality of life. In this last year, the Foundation, under the leadership of President & CEO Richard Burns, took many steps to continue to provide housing and stability for Americans in need. Of particular note was the organization’s inaugural Symposium & Dinner honoring the bipartisan affordable housing champions, Senators Orrin Hatch and Maria Cantwell. The event also brought attention to new ways to look at financing housing in the future. The Symposium & Dinner attracted over 300 attendees and its rousing success has ensured a second event this October 16, 2018 at Union Station in Washington, DC (mark your calendars).

Ralph F. Boyd, Jr. Chair

4 NHPF Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

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