NHPF AnnualReport 2017

The NHP Foundation Affiliate Program NHPF would like to acknowledge financial partner Prudential, whose generous support in 2017 continues to make possible The NHPF Affiliate Program.

The NHPF Affiliate Program provides financial, technical, and operational assistance to not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to provide clean, safe, and affordable housing to America’s neediest families, but who lack the resources, manpower, expertise and/ or financial statement to renovate existing assets or develop new properties. We also provide value-added services that contribute to community building by extending the capacity of not-for-profits to empower underserved local residents and contribute to lasting and positive social change. The NHP Foundation continues to use the inherent synergies of not-for-profit collaborations and joint ventures to promote its Affiliate Program. The Program is working on important community development projects throughout the country by joint venturing with under-resourced mission aligned affordable housing developers/owners, housing authorities, tenant associations, faith-based and other municipal and community. Our successful affiliate work in 2017 includes the following:

• An NHPF partnership with the Spartanburg Housing Authority to rehabilitate and modernize a significant portion of its public housing inventory through U.S. HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. This is NHPF’s first development project in the State of South Carolina in a region with growing population and employment opportunities that is driving the demand for affordable rental housing. The Spartanburg RAD joint venture is NHPF’s fourth such RAD engagement with a public housing authority nationwide. • In the same region, NHPF acquired LaSalle at Lincoln Heights Apartments, a Charlotte, NC senior housing property formerly owned and operated by the Northwest Corridor CDC in order to renovate the property and continue to its mission to serve low income senior citizens. We are also now in discussions with the City of Charlotte to construct additional infill affordable rental units on vacant lands adjacent to the senior property.

16 NHPF Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report

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