Enriching Lives: Operation Pathways

NHPF’S COMMITMENT and mission to preserve affordable housing is not realized through bricks and mortar alone, but in union with programs and services offered

to residents. Residents in NHPF communities have access to a wide variety of educational, health, and enrichment programming through Operation Pathways, an affiliate of NHPF. Operation Pathways’ successful approach to delivering high-quality programs is based upon a philosophy of program delivery that is impactful, innovative and in-house. Operation Pathways categorizes its comprehensive programming into five components:

PATHWAY TO ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT focuses on educational needs by promoting academic achievement and lifelong learning as a means to strengthen in-school success, increase vocational opportunities, and break the cycle of poverty. The Brighten Up afterschool program offers: Home-School Connection which capitalizes on the proximity of our

programs to the homes of the children, providing instructor liaisons between school and home; Homework Habits which teaches beneficial study skills; and Virtual Vacation which engages youth in themed academic and cultural activities.

PATHWAY TO HEALTHIER LIVING promotes activities and lifestyles that lead to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Operation Pathways partners with organizations and individuals such as hospitals, fitness instructors, restaurants, and food service professionals to develop and implement healthier living programs. Often, Operation Pathways staff work

closely with residents to build and maintain community gardens on the property, incorporating vegetables into nutrition workshops and healthy cooking classes to help promote healthy eating habits.


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