The NHP Foundation Statement

AS WAGES REMAIN STAGNANT and the cost of living continues to rise, the need for affordable housing will remain a significant issue for many Americans. It is this absence of adequate and affordable housing that The NHP Foundation (NHPF) has committed its mission to fight, by delivering safe and affordable housing to those citizens and communities needing it most. However, without the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), NHPF would have been unable to achieve its goal of continuing to preserve and create value-added service- enriched affordable housing. The LIHTC is widely recognized as one of the historic and enduring bipartisan policy initiatives that has allowed for beneficial gains to be made in the area of affordable housing. The impact of this program has been felt throughout the nation, helping to transform the lives of many Americans and their communities. Yet, every day, more and more Americans wake up concerned and anxious because they might not be able to afford next month’s rent. They are forced to compromise on where to live and how to live. They are cost-burdened, severely cost- burdened, and housing insecure. The LIHTC was a revolutionary step, and it is critical that it be maintained. The success of this program should encourage the development of new public-private initiatives and bolder strategies. Those who have dedicated their professional lives to making housing more affordable are well versed on industry trends in America, what has exacerbated this crisis and the consequences rising from it. And while it is vital to understand that the existence of both economic and social inequities are interwoven in this problem of a lack of affordable housing, it is even more important to realize that these inequities will persist, if innovative policies and concrete solutions are not discussed, proposed, and implemented. Instead of simply laying out the problem, conversations should be pushed toward solutions that advance appropriate responses to address and tackle this great concern. If not, a lack of affordable housing and its far-reaching effects will increasingly alter the lives of millions of Americans. NHPF will always be a leading voice, attempting to steer constructive dialogue, and delivering on our commitment to the people and communities we serve.


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