NHPF Annual Report 2013

Working Smarter, Growing Greener

IN REFLECTING on the accomplishments of FY 2013, The NHP Foundation (NHPF) clearly demonstrated we have an expanding and valuable role to play in the preservation and creation of affordable housing in this country to address the housing crisis.

What made FY 2013 significant was how the NHPF team pursued that mission. We didn’t just work harder. We worked smarter.

In one clear example of working smarter, NHPF operations continued to become more energy efficient. Last year we reported on the ongoing greening of the NHPF portfolio, particularly the energy-conserving retrofits in the Atlantic City, New Jersey and Falls Church, Virginia properties. With the March 2013 opening of Roundtree Residences in Washington, DC, the commitment to greening our portfolio continues. The property meets the energy-efficient standards of an Enterprise Green Community—including a solar array, a partial green roof, and many other energy-saving features.

We are moving forward with efforts like these in the rehabilitation of other NHPF properties, and dedicate this annual report to the greening of our portfolio.

The NHPF portfolio grew with the addition of five very attractive acquisitions. We invite you to read about Pepper Tree Manor in Houston and four Maryland properties we also want to highlight here. Working in partnership with Urban Atlantic and PNC Real Estate—nationally recognized leaders in the development of affordable real estate—together we launched a $50 million equity fund in June 2012 to address smartly and powerfully the growing shortage of affordable housing. With financing from the new NHP Foundation-Urban Atlantic Fund I, LLC, NHPF has acquired four significant Maryland properties. They are Bolton North in Baltimore’s historic Bolton Hill neighborhood, and three Prince George’s County communities— Holly Spring Meadows, Capital Courts, and The Woods at Addison. The NHPF resident services program, Operation Pathways, continues to be the cornerstone of what makes an NHPF property more than just bricks and mortar. An NHPF community is more than affordable housing to its resident families and seniors. It is a welcoming place to call home. We invite you to learn more in the separate annual report focused solely on Operation Pathways and the difference it makes in residents’ lives. In this report, we hope you enjoy reading about the highlights of this past year, how they have benefited the residents in the NHPF family, and how they have produced results that address the looming crisis in affordable housing.

Ralph F. Boyd, Jr.

Richard F. Burns

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Chief Executive Officer


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