NHPF Annual Report 2010


OVER THE PAST YEAR, we have thought a lot about our slogan, “Where you live matters.” Each of us on the Board and staff know that this is true. We expend a great deal of energy to maintain an effective business model that addresses both operational and mission driven needs. In 2010, the NHP Foundation’s leadership team was expanded to meet that challenge. It created a more efficient organization—financially-disciplined, but nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities to create quality properties and services for thousands of our residents. Our holistic approach, which combines affordable housing with active resident service programs, leads to stable communities for low- to moderate-income families and seniors. We are committed to developing and preserving even more affordable housing in the coming year and to providing families with safe, quality places to live and gain financial stability. I hope that you will join NHPF in effecting change that makes a difference. By joining forces we can, and will, make more affordable housing available in the months and years ahead.

Thomas Carr Chairman, Board of Trustees

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