NHPF Annual Report 2010



Richard F. Burns Chief Executive Officer / Trustee

Charlene L. Brisco Senior Accountant

Joseph P. Wiedorfer Senior Vice President Acquisitions and Secretary Thomas G. Vaccaro Vice President Institutional Advancement & Communications and Assistant Secretary

Claude C. Chow Accounting Manager

Stephen E. Craver, Jr. Project Manager

Justin S. Haines Staff Accountant

Glenn F. Hopps Vice President, Treasurer & Controller

Lisa T. Hounshell Transactions & Asset Coordinator

Patrick J. Fry Vice President Acquisitions

Paul A. Mhoon Office Coordinator

Fred C. Mitchell Vice President Asset Management

Dawn M. Vincelli Administrative Director

Neal T. Drobenare Vice President New Business Development

Frank P. Cerbini Vice President Acquisitions

Kenneth D. White Managing Director Resident Services

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