2017 Symposium Industry Report: Pay for Success

Appendix C: PFS Rapid Feasibility Quick Assessment Tool

Prepared by the University of Virginia using the Urban Institute’s Pay for Success Project Assessment Tool. The University of Virginia Pay for Success Lab created this data collection form based upon the Urban Institute Pay for Success Project Assessment Tool. Below are brief instructions about how to use it: 1. Before beginning the interview a. Thoroughly review the original Urban Institute Pay for Success Project Assessment Tool to ensure you understand its intended purpose and all of the questions b. Fill in the “Background Information” fields below 2. Explain to the stakeholder(s) present that you will be a. Asking a series of questions to analyze the readiness of their PFS project idea i. The entire interview should take about two hours b. You will score their responses following the interview according to an established metric and complete a write-up for the stakeholder(s) explaining the assessment 3. During the interview a. As you begin each section, verbally read the title of the section and the brief description b. Then, verbally read the Key Area and the Question to the interviewee i. Y ou can read the Scoring Guide to model the interviewee’s responses but make sure the interviewee provides context for why they chose with a certain score. c. To provide context, you may want to verbally read the “Why is this Important?” box d. Take thorough notes in the “Written Summary” box as the interviewee responds i. T o give full attention to the interviewee, only take notes during the interview 4. After the interview a. Within a few hours, score the interviewee’s responses. b. Within a week, provide a 3–4 page report of your assessment to the stakeholder(s) and schedule a time to present your findings with them.

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