2017 Symposium Industry Report: Pay for Success

fundamental construction logistic that has dominated the industry. The impact investor market has many individuals looking to make a difference through third sector partnerships, and we encourage you to seek out these opportunities. Finally, we are confident that there are many communities across the United States that are committed to helping their residents find a place to call home, and we intend to use tools like Pay for Success contracts to make that commitment feasible. We call upon all housing providers, charities and philanthropies, govern- ments, and communities and challenge you to prioritize affordable housing as a fundamental and necessary human right. We hope to see innovative mecha- nisms like Pay for Success be incorporated into neighborhoods all over America to tackle issues like homelessness, housing cost burdens, improved social ser- vices, and economic mobility, just to name a few. We believe that a fulfilling life begins with a safe and welcoming home, and we pledge to never stop fighting until every American has access to a house they can call their home and a neigh- borhood they can call their family. We hope you will join us in forming an Action plan for America.

48 Pay for Success & Affordable Housing | Stefano Rumi

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