NHPF Impact Report 2019

From NHPF CEO Richard F. Burns

2019 was a milestone year for NHPF as it marked 30 years of changing people’s lives through the provision of transformative affordable housing including closing on our 100th acquisition. The 2019 Impact Report shows cumulative data. Highlights include our acquisition of 1,826 new units. We are proud of our ongoing 97% occupancy rate. As well, NHPF has achieved impressive water and overall energy savings YOY including 2019’s $1.8 million in water bill reductions. Finally, the organization sees great benefit from Operation Pathways’ presence at 98% of our properties. Higher participation in Resident Services programs equates with fewer skips and evictions; 83% of skips and evictions were from households that did not participate in such programming. This data continues to tell the NHPF story, ensuring our ability to attract investment to provide vital affordable housing throughout our next 30 years and beyond.

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