NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

NHPF has earned a reputation for implementing creative methods to undertake and complete complex affordable housing projects.

THE NHP FOUNDATION’S (NHPF) mission is to preserve and produce service- enriched housing that people can afford. Since our founding

onsite disruption. Residents are delighted with the smooth process our Development, Resident Services and Asset Management teams have implemented. And the real proof is in how many new rehab projects NHPF is involved in. NHPF currently has six separate properties undergoing renovation in an incredibly challenging environment. A few highlights from the past year stand out: the development of our first single-family rental property in Baltimore, Maryland (Hollander Ridge) is a demonstration of NHPF’s rapidly diversifying portfolio and ability to provide many different kinds of housing. In Chicago, the completion of the rehabilitation of Mark Twain Hotel is a great example of the creativity and perseverance of our development and asset management teams. This brochure highlights more examples of NHPF’s success in managing complex affordable housing rehab projects.

in 1989,we have continued to search for and implement creative solutions that act as a blueprint, providing generations to come with housing that is “more than a roof.” When I started with NHPF we had 15 properties in 10 states. Today, we have 57 properties in 15 states and the District of Columbia, housing over 25,000 residents. Residents in our communities are families and seniors—and we are dedicated to providing quality housing people can proudly live and thrive in— and feel part of a larger community. Through collective partnering with individuals and companies who share our goals, we have built a network of communities investing in opportunities and outcomes of residents’ lives, opening the door to brighter futures. We are particularly proud of the reputation we have earned for preserving and renovating our acquired properties achieving maximum success with minimal

Richard F. Burns President & Chief Executive, NHPF

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 1

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