NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

CALVIN MOWBRAY PARK & STEPHEN CAMPER PARK 700 Weaver Avenue Cambridge, MD 21613 190 units

CLEME MANOR 5300 Coke Street Houston, TX 77020 284 units

EXCHANGE PLACE TOWER APARTMENTS 44 Center Street Waterbury, CT 06702 150 units

Upon announcing a planned $35 million in streetscape improvement, multifamily construction, single family rehabilitation and renovation of the Community Center for the Greater Fifth Ward Finnegan Park neighborhood, the city of Houston worked closely with NHPF to redevelop Cleme Manor via an on-site resident relocation . Most importantly, NHPF’s ongoing renovations and security enhancements have resulted in a 27% decrease in crime in the area according to The City of Houston. Originally constructed in 1970, Cleme Manor is situated on 12.8 acres east of downtown Houston in the Greater Fifth Ward-Finnegan Park neighborhood. There are a total of 284 residential units in Cleme Manor’s 24-building garden-style community. One of Houston’s most improved areas, Cleme Manor is part of the City’s Tier 1 redevelopment zone, an area which has received targeted city investments. NHPF’s adherence to ESG investment principles has helped Cleme Manor Apartments become an integral part of the revitalization of the community. In 2014, NHPF’s acquisition and rehabilitation of Cleme Manor played a major role in keeping of cials from closing nearby Henderson Elementary, ensuring neighborhood children could attend a school close to home.

The Housing Authority of the City of Cambridge, Maryland (CHA), made the decision to participate in the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program administrated by HUD in order to substantially rehabilitate this aging portfolio of 190 units which NHPF is managing as an on-site relocation . HUD created the RAD Program to foster public and private partnerships that are capable of completing renovations on a large scale. As a result, CHA has partnered with The NHP Foundation and a local developer to undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of the property with LIHTC. Calvin Mowbray Park & Stephen Camper Park was purchased in 2016 and completed a substantial renovation in 2019. The property was built in 1972 and 1973 by the Housing Authority of Cambridge and contains a total of 88 buildings featuring 190 units from one- to ve-bedrooms. The property’s renovated units feature kitchen upgrades, installations of washers and dryers, bathroom upgrades, and much more.

NHPF completed the $13 million purchase of Waterbury, CT, senior affordable property, Exchange Place Tower in the summer of 2020. The original construction of the building was made possible with rental assistance support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and its residents continue to benefit from the rental assistance program. NHPF began extensive

renovations on the 150-unit property directly following

acquisition, including remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, new energy efficient windows, accessibility improvements, and installation of fixtures that use less electricity and water slated. Renovation of Exchange Place Tower is projected to be complete in late summer 2021. Exchange Place Tower has facilities that allow for on-site healthcare activities including wellness visits. As part of the renovation, Exchange Place Tower will become more sustainable: Eversource, the regional energy utility is assisting in converting the property from an oil-fired heating and hot water system to a new, highly energy efficient natural gas fired system.

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 19

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