NHPF Affordable Housing Blueprint

Resident Services


PATHWAY TO FINANCIAL STABILITY educates residents in sound financial practices to increase income, decrease expenses, and build assets. The financial education program provides instruction related to credit, savings, proper insurance coverage, and investments. With this education, residents learn how to build budgets and save for the future. Operation Pathways also provides opportunities for residents to increase

PATHWAY TO HEALTHIER LIVING promotes activities and lifestyles that lead to physical, psychological, and emotional well- being. Operation Pathways partners with organizations and individuals to develop and implement multi- faceted programs devoted to healthier living, including fitness classes, healthy cooking workshops, smoking cessation programs, and community garden projects. Often, mobile health services come directly to properties to provide

PATHWAY TO AGING IN PLACE engages residents in NHPF’s senior communities by

educational needs of residents. Operation Pathways promotes academic success and lifelong learning as a means to break the cycle of poverty. We partner with organizations that design and implement afterschool and summer programs for school-age children which improve academic success and

providing programs and services that give senior

residents the tools they need to ensure economic security,

prevent illness, improve health, understand their legal rights, and live in a safe environment. Seniors are engaged

through activities and programs that

encourage socialization, increase social support, improve awareness and education, and prevent elder abuse.

produce significant, measurable results.

their employability through workforce

health screenings, vaccinations, and diagnose potentially serious issues.

development, including technology workshops, GED support, resume writing, and interview preparation.

Maximizing Rehabilitation; Minimizing Resident Disruption • 15

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