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Water conservation is a hallmark of NHPF’s sustainability program.

SINCE THE INCEPTION OF NHPF’S SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM, portfolio-wide water usage has dropped by 34%. The most striking results were seen in seven NHPF properties where water conservation programs were recently implemented. The combined annual water consumption savings on these seven properties alone is estimated to exceed 537.8 million gallons.

NHPF’s “greening” examples include: A 200-unit property with a major rehab completed including: • N ew roofs, windows, appliances, AC units, and plumbing fixtures • W ater usage decrease of 42% • E lectricity usage decrease of 27% • G as usage reduction of 30%

A 252-unit property rehab quali ed for New Jersey’s WARM Advantage Program, an energy rebate program run by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program and administered by Honeywell, which allowed for the installation of quali ed energy- ef cient components such as furnaces and hot water heaters. A 94-unit property in Washington, DC achieved the Enterprise Green Communities certi cation. Future District acquisitions will include green amenities such as solar electricity, solar hot water, Energy Star appliances and xtures, and other storm water retaining features via our relationship with DC Sustainable Energy Utility (Green Building Arm of DC Council). A 200-unit property in Stamford, CT partnered with Eversource to overhaul the interior lighting and aging heating system of the building by installing LED xtures and a high-ef ciency boiler and domestic hot water system that will lead to a projected drop of annual energy consumption by 10%.

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