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NHPF BUILDS Connecticut

The NHP Foundation (NHPF) is a leading provider of affordable housing in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Our roots doing business in the Nutmeg state date to 1998 with the acquisition and renovation of at Bayview Towers in Stamford, our preeminent example of successful redevelopment using Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Since 1998, the organization has continued to invest in affordable housing in Connecticut and has developed excellent relationships at the municipal, county and state level, partnering and collaborating on intricate deals that benefit both residents and the surrounding communities. NHPF Builds Connecticut. Our organization currently owns and operates two properties in Connecticut, representing 350 units of affordable housing set aside for families and seniors in Stamford and Waterbury. These properties provide significant investment in the housing stock of their local communities and represent a variety of housing types and architectural styles, from townhouse-style living to traditional apartment towers. NHPF’s endeavors in Connecticut have included innovative investment structures designed to leverage private investment to preserve affordable housing in the Nutmeg state. The result of those efforts—the PNC-Urban Atlantic Fund—preserved three affordable properties in the state while allowing NHPF the opportunity to evaluate those properties for potential redevelopment. The redevelopment of Exchange Place Tower in Waterbury, 150 units of affordable housing for seniors, was the end result of this collaborative process. The PNC-Urban Atlantic Fund’s legacy— affordable housing for the citizens of Connecticut and healthy returns for investors—sets a blueprint for sustainable affordability in the Northeast. We see the path up and out of poverty beginning with multifamily housing enriched with services provided by our subsidiary Operation Pathways—services that families and seniors draw on to expand opportunities for education, financial growth, health, and well-being. Preserving and building upon Connecticut’s valuable stock of affordable housing is NHPF’s animating objective in the state and by working closely with state, county, and city officials. Looking to the future, we are pleased to be working with WRSHIP at MLK Tyler Street Family Housing in New Haven. WRSHIP, incorporated in 2001, is the New Haven “SHIP” of a national movement of self-help investment plans active since the 1960s and organized by African-American communities which pooled their resources to undertake development in their communities. This 56-unit, mixed-use development is scheduled to break ground in 2022.



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