NHPF Builds


The NHP Foundation (NHPF) is a leading provider of affordable housing in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Our varied preservation and construction strategy in the Windy City dates to 2016. That year, NHPF acquired two SRO (Single-Room Occupancy) properties, The Mark Twain Hotel and The Hotel Covent. Working closely with the City, local Aldermen, and state/ regional funding agencies, NHPF completed a successful rehabilitation and opening of The Mark Twain in 2020. The property has since won numerous design and preservation awards as well as praise from our partners in Chicago. Work on the rehabilitation of The Hotel Covent completed in 2023. SRO acquisition and restoration is a unique feature of Chicago’s affordable housing landscape, due to Chicago’s Single-Room Occupancy and Residential Hotel Preservation Ordinance of 2014. NHPF is proud to be part of this important local restoration effort. In 2016, NHPF, via its Affiliate Program, partnered with The People’s Community Development Association of Chicago, Inc. (PCDAC) to develop land in East Garfield, a community in need of revitalization, and created 36 affordable two, three, and four- bedroom apartments. The result of that successful partnership, Harvest Homes Apartments, expanded to include further affordable units in a Phase II design that is before the City for approvals today. NHPF’s presence in Chicago also includes the 2019 acquisition of Berry Manor, 57 units of affordable housing. Berry Manor’s substantial renovation was completed in 2023. NHPF Builds Chicago. NHPF established a Chicago office in 2016. Owing to our excellent relationships with entities from the City of Chicago, HUD Chicago, local CDFIs like CIC and CCLF, religious organizations like PCDAC, community leaders, and providers of services from clinical case management (Renaissance Social Services), to historic tax credit advisors and design and construction partners, NHPF has made significant inroads in the City. This has led to increased opportunities with current projects in our pipeline to continue to preserve and create affordable housing in the Windy City. We see the path up and out of poverty beginning with multifamily housing enriched with services provided by our subsidiary Operation Pathways—services that families and seniors draw on to expand opportunities for education, financial growth, health, and well-being.



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