NHPF Builds

NHPF BUILDS North Carolina

In the Tar Heel state, The NHP Foundation (NHPF), a leading provider of affordable housing in 15 states and the District of Columbia, began local operations in 2001 with a trio of properties in the City of Charlotte. Since that time, NHPF has continued to provide affordable housing in the Charlotte region and currently owns two affordable housing properties. The Pines at Carolina Place, acquired in 2016, consists of 200 units for families in Pineville, a cozy suburb of Charlotte. LaSalle at Lincoln Heights, acquired in 2017, offers 60 units of affordable housing for seniors in the City of Charlotte. In addition to the acquisition and preservation of these invaluable affordable housing resources, NHPF is investigating the possibility of expanding both properties, thereby expanding opportunities for affordable living for families and seniors in the Charlotte region. NHPF Builds North Carolina. NHPF’s two North Carolina properties feature on-site resident services provided by NHPF’s subsidiary, Operation Pathways. Operation Pathways, Inc. has been selected as the first Certified Organization for Resident Engagement & Services (CORES) by the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF). The CORES Certification recognizes organizations that have “developed a robust commitment, capacity, and competency in providing resident services coordination in affordable rental housing.” We see the path up and out of poverty beginning with multifamily housing enriched with services provided by our subsidiary Operation Pathways—services that families and seniors draw on to expand opportunities for education, financial growth, health and well-being. Through Family-Centered Coaching, Operation Pathways engages with, and assists, families experiencing poverty and other hardship, to problem-solve together. Preserving and expanding access to affordable housing in North Carolina is one way that NHPF strives to build and preserve more equitable, resilient communities that people can afford.



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