2019 Symposium & Dinner Journal


The NHP Foundation 2019 Symposium & Dinner

WELCOME TO THE 3RD ANNUAL NHP FOUNDATION SYMPOSIUM & DINNER, “Affordable Housing Investment: Impactful Returns Realized” and a celebration of our 30th anniversary. For the past three decades the vast majority of affordable housing has been made possible by the highly successful LIHTC tool created by Congress. This remarkable, bi-partisan, legislation benefits everyone in the equation—renters, developers, and investors. NHPF’s success for the last 30 years is owed to early institutional investors who saw the

Richard F. Burns

potential of this asset class to produce worthy returns, both financially and socially. Those initial investments from pioneering companies such as Aetna, John Hancock, Northwestern, and PNC created the original capital that NHPF has leveraged into today’s successful 51-property portfolio across 15 states and the District of Columbia. Those early stakeholders set the stage for future corporate investors. Participating corporations would invest in affordable housing, going on to receive returns on capital derived from federal tax credits, offsetting federal income tax liability. Since that time many traditional funders have successfully entered the affordable housing market, including a variety of private equity and private debt funds. However the need remains great. At a time when traditional investments like pension plans have fallen short of their projected returns, we are calling for a new generation of institutional investors to take up the challenge. Using impact investing or ESG criteria to better determine the future financial performance of affordable housing investment


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