Operation Pathways: Impact Report 2020

Impact Report 2020

Operation Pathways By the Numbers

7,823 Residents Participated in Operation Pathways Programs & Services

5,776 Residents Participated in Healthier Living Programs & Services

485 Organizations Partnered with Operation Pathways

Partnership with CAST & The National Science Foundation At the Harvest Fest at Bayview Towers, CAST provided a makerspace woodworking demonstration for residents and community members.

1,545 Residents Received Financial Education & Financial Support Services

With funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), CAST and Operation Pathways are developing and studying an innovative model for a community- based, multigenerational makerspace at Bayview Towers. Together, they will build an understanding of

Resident Spotlight: Community Leadership

Even through COVID-19, Mr. Charles at Forest Park Apartments has found ways to give back to his community. During the 2020 election, Mr. Charles used his car to transport neighbors who did not have transportation to and from the polling place. In total, he chauffeured 18 community members throughout early voting to election day. Community members self-reported that if it wasn’t for his ride, they probably would not have voted this year, even though they wanted their voice to be heard in this election. Mr. Charles was also a champion when he volunteered to be the community Santa Claus this holiday season. Though children were not able to take a picture directly with Santa, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were present to wave, give air high-fives, and have masked conversations with the children. This small gesture brought special holiday spirit to the Forest Park community. Mr. Charles demonstrated that no matter age or economic status, there are ways for community members to become community leaders and make a difference.

science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts by co-designing a community-based makerspace and participating in onsite makerspace workshops. Makerspaces are learning environments that engage participants in hands- on, collaborative projects that foster creativity, interest, and skill development.

602 Residents Received Computer Access and Training

1,797 Residents Received Benefits

Enrollment Support & Assistance

1,129 Residents Received Housing & Household Management Support

1,537 Residents Participated in Voter Registration & Education Initiatives

943 Residents Received Eviction Prevention Assistance

Mr. Charles safely drove residents to the polls to vote

Mr. Charles as Santa Claus, with his wife Gen, as Mrs. Claus

Covid-19 Response Numbers

3,760 Households Provided with

$9,226 Worth of PPE Supplies

26,291 Meals Were Served to 5,492 Residents

549 Youths Received Educational Supplies & Enrichment Packets

7,121 Residents Received Wellness Checks Via Phone Calls

Inaugural Virtual Teen Internship Program

COVID-19 Response Operation Pathways was at the front line in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our service coordinators were poised and ready to take on the ever-evolving challenges and did so with confidence and steadfastness. They pivoted from planned programs and services to meet new and urgent needs of the residents in our communities. Service coordinators immediately put plans in place to increase wellness checks to our most vulnerable residents, provide food and prepared meal deliveries, secure and distribute personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, offer support to families home-schooling children, keep seniors engaged and connected to loved ones and service providers, provide technology resources and no-cost or low-cost options for broadband internet services, assist residents in navigating

Operation Pathways launched its inaugural virtual teen internship program in June. Eleven teen interns

graduated from the program, which focused on financial literacy, communication, body language, presentation and interviewing skills, career coaching and goal setting. Each intern prepared a final presentation for staff, family members, and colleagues. Intern Jania Jackson and her RSC, Andrea Richard, Anacostia Gardens

262 Residents Engaged in

Family Centered Coaching

systems to receive new and changing benefits and other government entitlements, educate residents on CDC guidelines to stay safe and healthy, and provide support to residents connecting to doctors through telehealth. Some of the youngest residents at our properties were impacted by the switch to remote learning and the cancellation of summer camps, sports and

605 Residents Received Employment & Job Search Assistance

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Operation Pathways is committed to racial equity and aims to increase the organizational capacity and understanding of the systems, practices and beliefs that have historically led to inequitable treatment and lack of access to opportunities to residents of color in affordable housing communities. In 2020, Operation Pathways convened staff for dedicated racial equity trainings, discussions, and opportunities for reflection, with the goal of both providing support to staff and engaging in action as an organization and within our communities. These discussions will continue to be a crucial component of Operation Pathways’ work in resident services in the years to come.

enrichment activities. Operation Pathways donated enrichment packets and supplies to youth at our properties to ensure they were equipped with tools and activities to keep them learning and engaged during the pandemic.

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