2020 Symposium Industry Report: Growing Up & Out of Poverty

In its more than 30-year history creating and preserving affordable housing, NHPF has always focused on providing “more than a roof,” which means housing enriched with onsite services. Ranging from meal provision to summer learning programs to after-school tutoring, these services have been proven to help provide stability in the lives of children and families. As children in the properties grow, they can access age-appropriate services and use them to thrive in school, move onto higher education and obtain jobs. The research undertaken here will help to better integrate onsite programming and assistance at affordable housing properties with what educators and schools are providing. Enterprise works closely with non profit partners and affordable housing developers across the country, seeking ways to solve affordable housing challenges and address a range of community needs, including strengthening access to education. Enterprise aligns affordable housing with other critical sectors like education, understanding that cross-sector partnerships offer a promising pathway for addressing the root causes of generational poverty and advancing economic mobility for families with low incomes. In 2020 Enterprise worked with StriveTogether, a national education intermediary, to release a toolkit for housing and education partnerships . This toolkit provides resources for practitioners engaging in these cross-sector collaborations to improve outcomes for children and families. Included in this toolkit are “101s” on the housing and education sectors, as well as a guide to mobilizing partnerships for housing and education.

6 Growing Up & Out of Poverty | The NHP Foundation & Enterprise Community Partners

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