2020 Symposium Industry Report: Growing Up & Out of Poverty

Based on these findings, along with discussions at The NHP Foundation’s 2020 Annual Symposium, Growing Up & Out of Poverty: Why Housing Matters, this paper makes five recommendations for the community development and human services fields: • Increase the availability of service enriched housing • Provide additional support to schools and school districts to enhance staff training and improve support plans • Recognize the importance of building trust with students and families • Remove barriers faced by educators to connect students with supportive services • Create and promote cross-sector partnerships to ensure families are served and supports are aligned These recommendations are designed in particular to help educators better support the needs of their students and students’ families. This research could not have come at a more critical moment. As a wave of housing instability and evictions connected to the Covid-19 pandemic threatens millions of families, providing supports for students and educators is paramount. This paper calls on leaders in both the community development and human services sectors to collaborate towards providing vulnerable young people with the stability and safety they need to learn and grow. More than 40 percent of educators indicated that they had not received training in this area, and about half of respondents were unaware of a school or district plan to support these students and their families.

4 Growing Up & Out of Poverty | The NHP Foundation & Enterprise Community Partners

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