2020 Symposium Industry Report: Growing Up & Out of Poverty

14. In your experience, which of the following are positively impacted when students are connected to resources and supports that address their housing-related challenges? Please select up to three (3). n Literacy n Analytical and problem-solving skills n School attendance n Attention in the classroom

10 Has your school or school system provided staff training on identifying or addressing issues of housing-related challenges among students that you work with? n Yes, and I attended n Yes, but I did not attend n No, but I attended similar training elsewhere n No n I don’t know 11. To your knowledge, what resources and supports are accessible through your school to help address housing- related challenges among students you work with and their families? Please select all that apply. n Immediate school enrollment for students experiencing homelessness n Transportation to and from school n C onnection to school-based resources, such as before/after school programs n Referral for housing assistance n Referral for financial assistance n Referral for behavioral health support n R eferral to support for navigating government assistance programs

n Grade advancement n Social-emotional skills n Physical health n Mental health n Other (please specify)

15. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Covid-19 exacerbates the impact of pre- existing housing-related challenges on student academic performance.” n Agree strongly n Agree somewhat n Disagree somewhat n Disagree strongly

n Other n None

12. Does your school or school district have a plan that details a process for you to follow when connecting students with housing-related resources and supports?

n Yes n No n I don’t know

13. What would you say are the top challenges, if any, of connecting students and their families with housing-related supportive services? Please select up to three (3) top challenges. n Unsure who to contact in my school n Time constraints limit my ability to help n Unsure which services are most needed n Not having formal service provider partnerships n D ifficulty connecting with parent/guardians to refer to services n Long wait list for support programs n Unsure which organizations provide needed services n S tudent and/or family concerns of potential stigma with receiving assistance n Other n I have not encountered any challenges in connecting students and families with housing-related supportive services

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