2020 Symposium Industry Report: Growing Up & Out of Poverty

What Do Educators Believe about Housing-Related Challenges? “ I never wanted to do things that would put me in jeopardy but at the age of 11 my parents left and I didn’t see either of them for another 20 years. So I stayed in other people’s homes. I slept in other people’s clothes, wore other people’s shoes, but I always found a way of surviving. ”  —DEREK ANDERSON, NBA PRO & FOUNDER, STAMINA ACADEMY, GROWING UP AND OUT OF POVERTY: WHY HOUSING MATTERS SYMPOSIUM, OCTOBER 14, 2020 Housing-related challenges are common among students The results of the educator survey showed that housing-related challenges are seen frequently among students, across all kinds of schools. A third of surveyed educators ranked housing-related challenges among the top barriers impacting students’ academic progress (see Figure 4). Three in four respondents also reported that housing-related challenges are “somewhat” or “very common” among the students they worked with.

FIGURE 4: Challenges impacting students’ academic performance (select up to three)

% Educators surveyed selecting in top 3

Lack of support or engagement from a parent or guardian


Behavioral challenges or concerns


Physical and/or mental health concerns


Lack of social-emotional skills


Housing-related challenges


Limited access to the Internet and/or appropriate technology


Lack of school resources, such as books or extracurricular activities


Lack of neighborhood resources


Difficulty with transportation


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