NHPF Annual Report 2016

Gaining Organizational Strength

The NHPF Board of Trustees would like to highlight and publicly thank four members of our senior management team. In 2016, Mecky, Neal, Jamie, and John went above and beyond expectations in delivering on their commitment to NHPF’s mission and vision. We recognize their performance with these promotions and new titles. Eight members of our next generation management team have also been recognized with promotions in 2016. Well done, all!

Mecky Adnani

Neal T. Drobenare

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Mecky Adnani is a member of our Senior Management with over 20 years of experience in the field of affordable housing preservation, acquisition and rehabilitation. Ms. Adnani’s multidisciplinary financing, management, and planning & design

Neal Drobenare joined The Foundation in 2010. He is responsible for acquisitions. During his time at The Foundation, Mr. Drobenare has acquired seven properties totaling 1,072 units. Throughout his career, Mr. Drobenare has developed, acquired or financed over 20,000 units of affordable housing and raised

expertise as well as her broad knowledge of federal and state housing regulations enables her to direct acquisition and recapitalization projects through strategic and programmatic evaluation, valuation and pricing, deal structuring and negotiations, and design and construction. She is an expert in identifying investments, raising capital, subsidy renewal, and capital restructuring and finance strategies that lead to feasible preservation transactions. Since joining NHPF in 2014, Ms. Adnani’s primary charge is to find at-risk acquisition prospects that can be structured and financed as successful LIHTC preservation transactions. Her efforts have resulted in acquisitions totaling $106 million. Through these accomplishments, NHPF gained more than 1,000 affordable units in various stages of recapitalization, generating $300 million of total investments in 9 properties. Throughout her affordable housing career, Ms. Adnani has been involved in applying for various federal funding programs, identifying projects that meet specific program requirements and completing those projects in full compliance with the federal requirements. Her federal funding experience includes public housing modernization, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Low-Income Housing and Historic Tax Credits, FHA- Insured Loans, and Section 8 rental subsidy. After receiving a Master of City Planning from the University of Rhode Island and a Bachelor of Architecture from Roger Williams, Ms. Adnani went on to earn her M.S. in Real Estate Development from MIT in 2000.

over $60 million for not-for-profits. Additionally he has been responsible for increasing annual multifamily private activity new bond issues. Throughout his career, Mr. Drobenare has guided over $98 million worth of investments through the acquisition and underwriting process. Of that amount, acquisitions totaling more than $69 million in value were added to the NHPF portfolio. His development duties have included the successful administration of $43 million in federal program awards. That total includes $16 million in development funding benefiting the NHPF portfolio. Mr. Drobenare serves on the board of the National Affordable Housing Trust (NAHT) and Housing Partnership Equity Trust (HPET). Additionally, he serves on NAHT’s investment committee, is chair of HPET’s Investment Committee, and is a founder of HPET. Earlier in his career, Mr. Drobenare worked for the Washington, DC Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development as special assistant, the DC Department of Housing and Community Development as Chief Operating Officer, and the DC Housing Finance Agency as Bond Finance Director. He has a B.A. from SUNY Stony Brook University and received his J.D. cum laude from SUNY Buffalo School of Law.

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