NHPF Annual Report 2016


Pathways An Affiliate of the NHP Foundation

Operation Pathways added four new program sites to our portfolio in 2016, thereby bringing in more than 500 new households into our Operation Pathways’ family. One of the highlights of our service growth in 2016 was the launching of a matched savings program. An award from Assets for Independence allowed us to offer Individual Development Accounts to residents, which were then matched through another grant provided by Bank of America. The custodial savings accounts allow participants to save towards purchasing a home, starting a business, or furthering their education. Best practices were advanced in 2016 through a formal program evaluation process. We now measure our effectiveness using a 5-star rating system. At each Operation Pathways location, we benchmark resident services for relevancy, efficacy, staff’s knowledge, skills, experience,

financial viability, and the synergy realized through our external relationships. The findings in these categories gives Operation Pathways the ability to identify and work on areas requiring improvement in our service delivery. Finally, an Operation Pathways study was conducted across all NHPF properties, comparing the financial health of properties having no resident services against those with established resident services programs. The three leading indicators studied were bad debt, vacancy loss, and legal fees. The study demonstrated that the difference in these costs between properties with and without resident services clearly illustrate the impact that Operation Pathways service coordinators have at the NHPF properties where they serve. They improve residents’ quality of life and also foster the financial stability of those properties.

14 NHPF Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

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