NHPF Annual Report 2016

The NHP Foundation Affiliate Program Sharing knowledge and opportunities across the not for profit housing community.

2016 was another outstanding year for NHPF’s Affiliate Program, as we continued to form joint venture partnerships with other community based organizations to renovate or build new affordable housing. In Washington, DC, we partnered with the Columbia Heights Village Tenants Association to begin planning for the acquisition and redevelopment of their 404- unit low income housing project in a fast gentrifying neighborhood. Working collaboratively with the tenants’ association, we have already instituted residents services and evaluating property management. We are working to purchase the property from the current owners and rehabilitate the units. In Yonkers, NY, The NHP Foundation was named one of three developers (and the only not-for-profit) selected to partner with the Yonkers Municipal Housing Authority to rehabilitate its entire 1,773 unit public housing portfolio. We are excited about planning a future for this public housing stock that will involve modernized units, active resident participation in management and decision making, and the provision of resident services in the family and senior complexes we will jointly own and operate with the housing authority.

In Brooklyn, NY, we have partnered with Faith Gospel Assembly Baptist Church to construct a mixed-use facility of housing, worship space and a community facility on land owned by the church. The project will serve several important community needs and provide modern space for use by the church. The Affiliate Program began in 2011 as a way for NHPF to work effectively with existing not-for-profit or community housing organizations who wanted to realize their goals of either preserving or creating affordable housing throughout the country. By aligning NHPF’s national resources and capital with our Affiliate partner’s vision, local expertise, and resources, we can create a more synergistic way to deliver projects. We believe this approach leads to outcomes far superior to the traditional joint venture development model. While each Affiliate relationship is different, all have demonstrated consistent attributes. NHPF has added capacity to each of the organizations we have partnered with, bringing to the table cost savings, increased housing expertise, better finances and improved management practices. In these ways, we have achieved significant benefits for the broader communities where they are located.

12 NHPF Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

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