FCHC Annual Report 2021

Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report Adapting to an Ever-changing Environment

Coming into 2021, the affordable housing industry faced unprecedented challenges: keeping residents housed, safe, and healthy; and continuing to maintain the highest standards during uncertain times. FCHC, a Virginia Community Development Corporation, counts in its portfolio Winter Hill Apartments, consisting of quality one- and two-bedroom units at two sites in attractive residential settings for seniors and those with disabilities 55 and older. NHPF’s resident services subsidiary Operations Pathways’ staff at Winter Hill continually showed tremendous flexibility in adapting to the times by adjusting residents to online programming which was as robust as any in recent years. This included normalizing Zoom calls to handle everything from voter education, census-taking, and online benefits registration as well as service offerings such as healthier living programs and infectious disease prevention education. Efforts of the tireless Winter Hill Resident Services Coordinator Dong Bui also resulted in weekly food distribution and special holiday meal delivery services over 600 times. In 2021, FCHC aided in the strides made by the residents of Winter Hill Apartments by assisting residents with available local provider and government services. These include providing free phones and discount internet to enable more healthy and independent living for the aging population. The property also offered technology classes for seniors to master texting, email, and social media allowing them to easily keep in contact with their friends and loved ones, children, and grandchildren who live out of state or even out of the country. These services, often presented bi-lingually, do wonders to help senior residents avoid feelings of depression and isolation, which are common to those living alone. In 2022 and beyond, FCHC looks forward to adapting even more to an ever- changing environment by fine-tuning customized service offerings for residents to help ensure comfortable and nurturing futures for all.

Our Mission FCHC’s mission is

to preserve and increase service

enriched affordable rental housing, serve unmet needs, and help to ensure that people of low to moderate income have housing they can afford.

Richard F. Burns President, FCHC

Thomas G. Vaccaro

Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, FCHC

330–B.S. Virginia Avenue, Suite 2, Falls Church, VA 22046 703.241.5402 • fchccdc.org

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